The Fall of Hyperion

by Shannon

The Fall of Hyperion by Dan Simmons

On the world of Hyperion, the mysterious Time Tombs are opening. And the secrets they contain mean that nothing–nothing anywhere in the universe–will ever be the same.

I read Hyperion a few months ago and stupendously enjoyed it. I went and bought the rest of the series, even though I had been warned that each book kind of gets a little bit worse as the series goes on.

I enjoyed The Fall of Hyperion. The second book picks up right where the last one cut off and introduces us to a new character. I see the necessity of such a character (he is located in the capital of the hegemony as the war begins), but I did not care much for him. Probably because he’s an AI personality, and as such, he is very alien-sounding. Every time I read his sections, I just wanted to get through it so I could get back to the pilgrims on Hyperion. These sections were certainly necessary (they explain a lot of things about the state of the hegemony and the technocore), but I also found them confusing.

The sections featuring the pilgrims on Hyperion were excellent. I wish there had been more to it. In this regard, I would say this book lost some of the magic of the last, but part of that comes from this being the continuation of the series. In the first book there was a whole lot of nerding-out over literature. 🙂 In Hyperion we learned a lot about these characters already. We learn a tad more about them, but there’s not really a lot else to learn. Nonetheless the mystery surrounding the Shrike was compelling as ever.

I’m definitely planning to finish the series. While The Fall of Hyperion wraps up the story begun in Hyperion, there’s a little groundwork laid for the next two books which I believe take place in the future of the hegemony.

I would recommend this book for anyone who read/liked Hyperion, fans of sci-fi, fans of literature, and even people who say they don’t like sci-fi. 🙂


5 Responses to “The Fall of Hyperion”

  1. Good Review Shannon, I remember your Original Review


  2. I shall be borrowing shortly 🙂


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