West Coast Yankee Fan – All Star Break

by darkjade68

West Coast Yankee Fan – All Star Break

At long last, the Halfway Point of the MLB Season is here… Which means a few days off of Regular Games for the Players, but for some, it’s off to Kansas City for the 2012 All Star Game, and Home Run Derby.

Now The Home Run Derby actually happens tonight @ 8pm EST., or for me here in California, 5pm. (On ESPN)

And The All Star Game is on Tuesday, 7:30pm EST., or 4:30pm PST (On FOX).

The thing I like most about the Home Run Derby, is it’s a chance to see the Players a bit more relaxed, joking around with their fellow MLB’ers, as well as bringing some Family and Friends along for the show.

Unlike the All Star Game, which actually holds some Significance these days, as the winner of this American League Vs. National League Contest, actually gains Home Field Advantage in The World Series… Something I don’t totally agree with, but unlike many in Baseball, I don’t Demand Perfection… No, I like to leave a little “Humanity” in Baseball… And in Sports in general.

No, The Home Run Derby is just for Show, and Glory… And aside from the fact that I feel it’s a bit hard on the Athletes bodies, taking that many full hearted swings in such a short period, none the less, I really enjoy it.

The American League Players; On a “Yankee” note, Robinson Cano, who was last years Home Run Derby Champion, is the Captain this year, and has chosen some true “Beasts” as his Teammates.

First of all, Detroit’s “Prince Fielder”, should give it his all this year.


Next we have “Jose Bautista”, who already has 27 Home Runs this year, and is frankly, a Monster with his bat.

But hitting them over and over again in this competition, is a bit different than hitting them during a regular game.

Last, but not least, we have “Mark Trumbo” from the California Angels… Now this guy may give this thing ago, as he is a True Beast for the Angels… But, once again, it really comes down to how well they can perform in this very different setting.

The National League Players; Now the Captain for the National side is a guy by the name of “Matt Kemp”… Lets just say, he’s the Best Dodger Player I’ve ever seen… Though he’s been out with an Injury for a while now… He supposedly will be Hitting tonight.

By his side will be one of the most Natural Baseball Players I have ever seen, “Carlos Beltran”, who may have a shot at this thing.

Also just added due to a drop out, is “Andrew McCutchen”, who I have to say is one of the Best Players in Baseball at the moment.

And last, but not least, is a guy by the name of “Carlos Gonzalez”, who I haven’t actually heard of, but he looks to be a tough competitor.

All and All, I’ve found the Home Run Derby to be a Blast… Not only does it give you a Glimpse at these guys in a more relaxed setting, but it also gives the Players a well deserved break… And frankly, with as many Yankees Games as I watch, it also gives the Fans a bit of a Break, Lol

After all there’s around 160 Games a year, and that’s a lot, even for these Super Athletes, and Super Fans.

Even if you don’t watch Baseball, you might wanta check The Home Run Derby out, it is pretty amazing how far they can hit some of these Balls.

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening



Yank’s Record At The Half – 52 Wins 33 Losses .612 – Best in Baseball

Teams Batting Average So Far;

Brett Gardner .321 – Still Out With Injury

Robinson Cano .313 – On Fire

Derek Jeter .308 – Still Doing Good

E. Nunez .294 – Good Hitter, but I believe he was sent down to the Minors to work on his 3rd Base Playing

Chavez .282 – Doing Great as a Back Up Player

Alex Rodriguez .269 – What Alex is lacking in Batting Average, he’s making up for in Power, Stealing, and Defense

Swisher .262 – Seems a bit stressed to me lately, but he’s working his way back

Wise .260 – Great Back Up Player

Stewart .256 – Stewart is just alright as our Back Up Catcher… But Our Starting Catcher is doing terrible, so we’ve been using Stewart a bit more

Teixeira .250 – Teixeira is one of the Best Players on our Team Right now, his numbers are only low because he had a tough start

Granderson .248 – Awesome Hitter, and Defensive Player… He strikes out a lot, but makes up for it when he does hit with Home Runs and Doubles

Andruw Jones .244 – An Awesome Back Up Player, he hit 4 Home Runs this last weekend in Boston

Ibanez .240 – Another Awesome Back Up Player, lots of Power, and Good Defense

Nix .221 – Nix is a Decent Player, but has trouble Playing 3rd Base… He’s better as a Back Up Short Stop

Martin .179 – Russell Martin is doing terrible Offensively… Defensively, he’s one of the Best Catchers in Baseball

McDonald is New, we shall see how he does… So far he hasn’t responded too well to the Pressure, but he may Improve, I do like him


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