Lines, some are meant to be erased … and some aren’t

by Devina

Unity by Nelum Walpola via

There I was four in the morning saying my prayers after I finished the book The Help. So I was saying to God that how grateful I am to Him for everything I have and for letting me be the person that I am and that aside from nightly prayers that we should talk more often (wondering where this is going yet? I’ll be getting to that in a bit)
I tell you how good it feels how comforting it is to have Him to talk to, knowing that He always there, listening to what I have to say and that I cannot ever fully express how much I appreciate His company. My thoughts lingered on that word ‘appreciate’ and  then my mind wondered off (surprise surprise) … Like very way off.

Why can’t we appreciate each other as human beings and other animals? Why is it that we have so many lines drawn between us, i.e, rich and poor, ethnicity and the prejudice? The logical part of me says that some of these lines are there to maintain order and that’s good and all but I can’t ignore that some were made by people who just want to be mean, enabling this sort of segregation.
While I was thinking all of this I was flat on my back nodding off to sleep and that still conscious part of my mind warned that I’ll forget all about this in the morning, convincing myself that if I don’t get this down soon I will most likely be spending the rest of my days searching the nooks and crannies of my head for what I was thinking about this morning. So at this point my hand shot under my sister’s pillow and found her I-Pod right after which I began typing everything written here with my tortured thumbs.

Okay, back to what I was saying …

This post is first and foremost about respecting other people, especially who are different from us.

I know that over the years these lines have been blurred but isn’t it kind of sad that they are there to begin with? Why can’t everyone appreciate each other despite race and financial status and what have you? Can prejudice be eradicated, is there a cure? Because if everyone did we accepted one another wouldn’t we be more open and honest with each other and in turn there wouldn’t be misunderstandings. Wouldn’t there be more tolerance of each other’s opinions and beliefs? Then wouldn’t that lead to less violence that exists in reality? In such a world would the word ‘war’ ever be uttered or even existed?

Erasing these invisible lines between us completely in society is actually impossible, though over the years they have become blurred but never completely and that’s the truth. Yes I can be a cynic sometimes more than I would care to admit but most of the times I’m an optimist, yes I seem kind of messed up (but hey, who isn’t) not sure of which I really am but I’ve come to conclude that I might be  half of both.

Some of you reading this might be a little confused, some will shake their heads and call me a naive little girl (and I would take offense) but I’m not entirely ignorant of the ways of the world and I understand what I am saying are only dreams, wishes and what-if’s. Our differences (material,philosophical, gender, colour etc.) separate us but that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes B inferior to A.

What we can do is to respect people for the differences (though we might not agree with them) because we’re not all raised the same way. As for gay people I believe that if they had the choice whom to love in the first place they wouldn’t be gay, they can’t help it or they would have, they are people too and nothing less.

What is normal in, say, Italy can be totally unacceptable somewhere else, however that cannot excuse violation of human rights that happen all over the world, every day. Bad is just outright bad and any of it should be intolerable.

There must be chaos for peace to exist, there must be darkness for us to know the light,  and I will admit there must be at least some lines because they give us an idea where we belong, there must be evil for there to be good but all in proportion and we all must know what side to choose. It’s our choice to make and it’s one that decides who and what we will become, it’s one of those “choose wisely” choices we all have to make some point in life.

I hope I haven’t offended anyone in any way but if I did I’ll tell you that I’ve a right to speak my mind and I’d respect your views, or I’ll try depending on how diverse yours is from mine, there must be limits, no?

What are your thoughts on this? Agree? Disagree? Please don’t hesitate to share.

Phew, now with that said and done I bid you all a peaceful day/night :)


4 Comments to “Lines, some are meant to be erased … and some aren’t”

  1. I don’t think you’re naive Devina. You’re just a person who has hope. It’s a good thing. I like your point about choices. If each of us as individuals would make the choice to respect others; especially those that are different, then the world would be a better place.

    • I’m glad I have any at all, hope is essential if we’re to survive. Exactly, everyone has a choice and it’s a powerful thing and if we use it right there wouldn’t be so much people suffering out there as they are today. I know there are persons that are refused shelter, food, and jobs they are qualified to carry out because of their race and economic situation, so much potential is washed down the drain.

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