Politics, Sex And Religion… Taboo?

by darkjade68

Politics, Sex And Religion… Taboo?

I find it interesting what People, Do, and Don’t talk about in Life… I know there are several what one might call “Taboo” Issues.

So I thought I’d go ahead and Talk about a Few of these things, being “The Dark Globe”, to a degree, in its Inception was Partially Inspired by That “Old News Man” kind of Feeling.

The Pursuit of Truth, Right?


How much do I know about Politics? Not a lot.

I will say I Voted for Obama last time around… Perhaps the Greatest reason for that, was Hope. And sadly the other part of it was, and often is, I just didn’t care for the other Candidate (Or Candidates Right?).

Yeah, well, these days, it’s almost impossible not to talk about Politics.

To a degree, I haven’t watched the News for 20 Years… Ok, maybe for some of the More Important, more Immediate Issues.

But for the Most Part, I didn’t like how Media Focused, and tried to Sell Bad Things… And pretty much ignored a lot of the Good Things that were happening out there.

These days, I’d say, for the most part, I just wouldn’t know where to go for Fairly Accurate, and Informative Information.

I will say This Year, I find myself not wanting to Vote for either of the Democratic, or Republican Candidates… But for the most part, that’s just a Gut instinct, Semi Based on some of the things I’ve seen, and/or Heard walking by the Television while others watched the News… Or Special Reports.

The Tea Party? Yah know, I’ve heard that Term thrown around so much during the last 4 or 5 years, I thought I’d look it up on Good Ol Wikipedia.

Here’s what I Found.

The Tea Party movement is an American political movement that supports the United States Constitution, adherence to an originalist interpretation of the United States Constitution,[1] reduced government spending,[2][3]reducing taxes,[3] and reduction of the national debt and federal budget deficit.[2] The movement is generally considered to be conservative, libertarian,[4][5] and populist.[6][7][8] The movement has sponsored protests and supported political candidates since 2009.[9][10][11]


That’s kind of what I figured.


Another Subject that isn’t really talked about all that much… Is Sex. Granted, it’s a Pretty Personal, and/or Private thing… Though when you look around, it’s a Pretty Predominant Thing, whether in the Pursuit of Relationships, or on T.V.

Then again maybe I’m wrong… Maybe this Girl Really Loves Hamburgers?

Somehow I doubt it, Lol

But man it’s a Powerful Thing… And why wouldn’t it be, Nature, or God, or Whatever has Certainly done a Good Job of Building us to Pursue it, Want it, Be Interested in it… Or whatever.

And in My Opinion, it can definitely be a Good Thing… Of course… It can also be a Bad Thing… Something that keeps us in Relationships for too long… Something that can be used against us, like a weapon… But the Hope for most of us, is probably something like that Picture Above to the Right… Right? (Minus the fact that those two characters are actually having an affair in that film, Lol)


Probably the Most Challenging Subject for any of us to talk about, outside our Immediate Family, and sometimes even there, is Religion.

Why? I’d say the main reason is, There Are So Many Different Types of Religions, and Religious Cultures.

Beyond that, Religion is Largely a Belief System, Directly related to “The Meaning of Life”, and for the most part, One’s “Spiritual”, and “Moral” Path, and/or Compass. Right?

Now I myself was brought up without Religion. My Mom on the other hand, was brought up Catholic. And My Dad, I believe, is, or was twenty or so years ago anyway, what you might call a “Reborn Christian”.

To me? Who am I to say whether there is a God or not (Though Religion and God are two different things to a degree).

Truth be known, I have no idea. It’s always kind of nice to think there’s someone, or something out there watching over us… Or, saving us a spot in the Great Big Hotel in the Sky… But like I say, I really have no idea.

I believe when I was a kid, if asked, I said I was an “Atheist”… But later came to find out, that, that didn’t mean what I thought it meant…

I think the word I was looking for was a Different “A” Word all together, Lol… And I believe that was, “Agnostic”.

Basically, I didn’t know if there was, or wasn’t a God.

I will say that I definitely feel like People Are Connected… I feel this pretty much undeniably…

But whether that is  some “Greater” Force, and/or Being… I couldn’t say.

Well that’s enough Taboo for now ‘closes sacred box of secrets and truths’

I would love to hear what any of you think on any of these three subjects…

Be as Candid as you like

Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading



2 Comments to “Politics, Sex And Religion… Taboo?”

  1. I started out in this world as a political science major. I wanted to run for office, change the world. I bet a lot of politicians started out that way, but then there is this monster government that can’t really be changed. People are so scared to cut the crap and start from scratch. I hear the state of Texas once hired a firm to analyze things and see how to save money. They found a way to save $14 billion, just by eliminating bureaucracy and getting rid of some places where the same thing was being done by two different offices, and in the end, the state declined to make any changes, for fear of shaking things up. Sad! As for sex, I grew up in a hush hush kind of house where that wasn’t often the subject. YIKES. The first time my hubby took me to meet his mom, she asked if we were getting it on! Talk about a red faced girl!! I think I’ve raised my kids somewhere in the middle… I hope I have. As for religion, I know there is a God. We’ve been up close and personal. I wrote about it once…(http://lifewithblondie.wordpress.com/2012/04/27/pure-faith/) but religion is something else. Religion is someone’s idea of how to celebrate or mandate that relationship that I don’t think really comes from a book of verses. It comes from the soul. I know he’s out there, but I don’t always think you have to be sitting in a church pew to find him. (http://lifewithblondie.wordpress.com/2012/04/26/empty-pew/) As for taboo, truth be told the taboo is what we all want to talk about, but sometimes people are so afraid of having conflicting ideas that they ignore the subjects instead, but I believe you have to disprove yourself in order to fully know where you stand in life!

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