Poor Old Lady

by endlessthinker

A person is considered poor if his/her income lies below the official poverty line or poverty threshold.  This threshold measures the income needed to obtain basic and non-basic needs for one year. According to the data from the National Statistical Coordination Board (NSCB) of the Philippines, more than one-quarter (26.5%) of the population falls below the poverty line in 2009. That is roughly 30 million children, women and men, not getting enough food or water for a day, the needed shelter, medication, education, and all the necessities a decent human need.

This scene is common on the streets of the Philippines. Old ladies that are supposed to be resting and enjoying the remaining days of their lives are forced to go out in the streets to earn money for them to live, for their children to live, and for their grandchildren to live. I am starting to wonder, where do all those taxes being imposed on all commodities, services and goods go? Where are the social services when needed most?


de la Cruz, Leland Joseph R. “Measuring poverty”.
url: http://www.slideshare.net/ldelacruz/measuring-philippine-poverty-presentation


3 Comments to “Poor Old Lady”

  1. Wonderful, though sad picture. I see a lot of this every day here in the U.S., but 30 million people in poverty in the Philippines is truely something that needs to be dealt with.

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