Blink 182 @ Nottingham Capital FM Arena – July 11th 2012

by 'Ard Pete

Forgetting completely that I had Blink 182 to go and see a couple of days ago it was a pleasant surprise, I was adamant that I knew nothing about it until recently, however looking back at my last music review I knew about it back in February so it was a self fail.

I did go and see Simple Plan a couple of months ago too but I forgot to write a review about them and now I’ve forgotten what the show was like completely, mostly in part to the massive abuse of alcohol that was undertaken that night.

Too be honest, I’m not a massive fan of Blink 182, don’t get me wrong they’re good and all that but that’s not why I was bothered about going to the gig in the first place, I went to see All American Rejects who were one of two bands supporting Blink 182. For once we actually had seats at this gig as well, we didn’t have to stand all the way through it getting bum raped by everyone around us.

Sure the atmosphere is there when you’re right down there in the thick of it but for once, just for once it was nice not to have to worry about getting hit in the back of the head by a cup of piss.

The first band that was supporting Blink was a Welsh band called the Blackout who I sort of saw at Leeds Festival last year and by that I mean I caught the last 15 minutes because they were on pretty early in the day and I didn’t go to bed until 6am earlier that morning so I ended up sleeping in.

To say that they’re Welsh they were pretty good, the only parts that let them down was when they spoke in between songs, I fucking hate Welsh accents. Sorry if you’re Welsh but you have one of the most annoying, irritating accents in the world, only slightly behind that of the Scottish.

I did take some video’s of each band but unfortunately I didn’t realize at the time how much of a piece of shit my phone was and the audio was terrible. Screw you HTC.

So I’ve had to resort to YouTube yet again.

Probably their best song in my opinion, I did enjoy them overall but I’m glad I didn’t lose sleep to see their full set at Leeds Festival. Sleep always comes first.

Once they had gone we had a 20 minute wait of sitting around and watching all of the peasants that had to stand up, it felt good to be king. Although I’ll probably be down there at the next gig I go to. By this point I’d probably had about three pints of beer.

Then All American Rejects came on and as expected they were awesome. They’ve been a band I’ve wanted to see for a long time and when I was told they’d be supporting Blink 182 I thought great, I’ll kill two birds with one stone.

They played a great set overall and certainly didn’t disappoint, once they had finished their awesome music we had yet another 20 minute interval by which time I was probably on about five pints of beer. Starting to need a wee but not so much that I fancied shoving my arse in a bunch of strangers faces to get past.

Sitting down watching the gig you’re not really involved in so much action like you are when you’re standing down below, I spent this 20 minutes watching two metrosexual scrawny men chat up two slags that were sat a couple of rows behind me while he tried to spell out his phone number with his fingers several times because the two slags couldn’t make out what he was saying, despite the fact that it was simple and I managed to take down his number but unfortunately unable to ring him due to my network provider being down that day.

First NatWest bank goes tits up and now so does o2, the world must be coming to the end.

Anyway I sent him a picture of my cock the day after and never heard back from him. (Not really.) (But I did sent him a picture of my testicles.)

Blink 182 finally came out to a massive ovation from the hardcore Blink fans, they played all the classics that even the most occasional fan would have heard of including All The Small Things, a song which Jedward f’d up I believe, something I understand Blink weren’t happy about. But why would they be, Jedward are cancer to the music industry and I hope they both die in a plane crash.

Anyway I digress, here’s the full set list from the gig:

Feeling This
Up All Night
The Rock Show
What’s My Age Again?
I Miss You
Milkshake [ Kelis Cover ]
Wishing Well
After Midnight
First Date
Heart’s All Gone
Man Overboard
Ghost on the Dancefloor
Fuck a Dog
All the Small Things
Can a Drummer Get Some (Travis Barker solo)

Somewhere in the middle of the gig something happened to the soundboard which caused an endless amount of bass to be blared out over the arena, at first I thought it was intentional when people were arguing and it turned out that they’d screwed it up somehow.

This I think ruined the whole performance for me, it was constant and just ruined everything. It was really deep, deep bass, the kind that make your ears hurt and your heart think about jumping out of your chest, it especially ruined the last song of the encore and I was basically just waiting for everyone to get up and leave so we could too it was that bad.

A real shame really, but obviously not Blink 200 minus 18’s fault. I definitely preferred their offering at Leeds Festival when I saw them there, but I was impressed with the drum solo, which I understand Travis sometimes drums upside down, on this occasion it wasn’t to be but why is drumming upside down special anyway?

By this point I was on about 7 pints of beer and I really needed a wee, the bass wasn’t helping, I began sweating with pain. But fear not I did manage to make it there on time, I did contemplate just pissing in one of the plastic cups but 1. I’m not a tramp and 2. There were small children near by and I didn’t want them to think they’d seen a mythical creature.

I made it to the loo on time though and that was the best part of the gig.

The songs that weren’t screwed up by the soundboard were still brilliant though, check out these vids, the guy who took these has an awesome camera.


9 Comments to “Blink 182 @ Nottingham Capital FM Arena – July 11th 2012”

  1. I went to a show during their Take Off Your Pants and Jacket Tour. I don’t remember why I went, like you I am not a big fans of theirs. I think it was a group of people and I went for the company. Wasn’t a bad show. It was Blink 182 and New Found Glory. Can’t remember if there was another act there or not. I remember some girl coming back with us. I think her ride left her or something so we gave her a ride home.

    • You know a person can’t be right if her own friends leave her behind! Hopefully she was hot and you kept her in your basement until the next time you went to see Blink so you could release her back into the wild?

  2. Blink seem to not only be really “in” lately but they seem to be huge overseas. I always had trouble getting real into them. Some kid I knew would play their songs on his guitar (very badly) then post them on Youtube. I blame him.

    Looks like you had a grand o’le time!

    • I’m not really into to them per se, it’s not like I sit at home playing their music, whenver I hear All The Small Things now I cant help but think of Jedward, maybe they ruined them for me hah.

      Still it was a good time, not getting hit with a drink and or piss is always a plus.

  3. I do love Blink, although I haven’t heard any of their new stuff- purely because Tom’s ‘epiphany’ with Angels and Airwaves had me convinced he’d gone a bit mad. So awesome you were around in Notts though! I imagine the air was full of Pete magic and severe alcoholism that night, what a wonderous sight that would have been!

    Are you still going Leeds in August? Again I implore you to check out ETID. Throw yourself around in the mosh pit and get molested by werewolves, it’s one of the most pleasant and terrifying experiences of your life, I can assure you 🙂

    • Well Notts is only 20 mins away and this time I wasn’t fined for throwing a cigarette end on the floor, bonus!

      Aye still going to Leeds, hopefully this infernal rain will stop by then and I won’t find mud in my ass crack when I get home. I shall check them out, not sure about the mosh pit though, I tend to get fighty in mosh pits! =/

      Naturally we’ll be millionaires by next year and then there shall be Anna and Pete’s Leeds Festival Extravangza 2013!

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