Back To The Way It Was

by darkjade68


Back to the way it was then


Thanks Guys




19 Comments to “Back To The Way It Was”

  1. Excellent, let’s forget this ever happened. You should let Kirsty have a go with themes, she does amazing shit.

  2. . . . the disturbance of the Force has passed . . . like bad gas . . .

  3. I can see nothing wrong with this theme DJ .

  4. Why have you deleted the title of the blog? It doesn’t say The Dark Globe on the tab anymore.

  5. This one’s better, I’ve gotten so used to see it. Yeah, it’s a bummer that the free themes aren’t as neat as the premium ones. People, let’s cross our fingers that Pete wins the lottery!

    • Sorry, no can do . . . people might not realize it, but winning the lottery will put him in unequal footing with his friends . . . relationships would be strained as his priorities, concerns, and activities would change. He would eventually end up a bitter, lonely, and broken rich man.

      . . . I, however, am already there (except for the rich part). I volunteer to take the bullet and win the lotto, and I will then donate the necessary money (but just the necessary money) for the premium site. So, people; let’s cross fingers for me to win the lotto.

      • Ha-ha! I didn’t think of it like that but I have a feeling that he’d say “Whatever, who needs people anyways?” to put it mildly. But as you so graciously volunteer, I’ll cross my fingers for you too, lol 😉 (Hope you kid about the ‘already there’ bit)

        • Yeah, I kid . . . I’m not bitter about being lonely, old, and a broken shell of a man.

          In fact, I kind of got in the grove of it; riding the wave, if you will.

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