The Dark Globe – The Punisher… In Review

by 'Ard Pete

Thomas Jane, the man with the golden pair of testicles… No one actually calls him that but I felt he should have an awesome nickname. He recently released a self produced video with him back in the role of The Punisher, after the 2004 film the role went to someone else in 2008 and didn’t follow on from the first film, a shame I thought because I remember really liking the first one. Disappointed that he wasn’t in the second one “War Zone” I didn’t even bother watching it and still haven’t to this day.

It was said that Jane really wanted to reprise the role and it looks as though he’s done it by his own accord. The short film is only 10 minutes long but it reminded me why I loved the first one in the first place, the man just has the look as being awesome. Naturally he does indeed look 8 years older, but still awesome.

Because of this short I had a hankering to rewatch his first offering and I still found it entertaining even now. If anyone was going to continue in the role it should have been Jane, looking at Wikipedia, the second film bombed and it serves them right for “rebooting” it.


Story; Frank Castle works as an undercover agent for the FBI, then at the opportune moment, captures his targets. His final mission ends up getting a wealthy businessman’s son killed, the wealthy businessman Howard Saint hears this news and wants to know everything about the man that got him killed. Castle while undercover staged his death but it proved to be all for nothing as money can buy any information you want. They find out Frank Castle’s identity and Saint’s wife demands that his whole family is killed when she hears he’s at a family reunion.

At the family reunion it isn’t long before his own family is indeed, killed. Starting off with Castle’s mother, the thugs really go to town, gunning anyone and everyone in sight, women, children, pensioners, no mercy. 30 of his closest members die, his father is then killed followed by his wife and son. Then somehow he manages to survive being shot three times, including a shot to the chest at point blank range, then being blown out to sea. I think I’d have probably called it a day right there too be honest.

Castle is helped by one of the islands residents to recover and get his strength back, he then descends into darkness and alcoholism while he plans his revenge on the Howard Saint and his whole operation leading to many explosions.



Frank Castle (Thomas Jane) – Tommy boy is good in his role as The Punisher, his deep voice after his whole family is annihilated kind of reminded be of Bale’s Batman. He certainly carried the look of a vigilante/superhero, I can’t recall seeing him in anything else but this film though too be honest, he’s had roles in films I’ve seen such as Face/Off and the original Buffy film but can’t recall his character, it’s a shame really and maybe I should pay more attention to his upcoming films in the future.

Howard Saint (John Travolta) – I always keep banging on about how Travolta makes a great antagonist, especially in Swordfish. I even forgot he was the antagonist in this film so I was pleasantly surprised once again! He does make a great villain and he plays classic Travolta in this film, just his voice, it’s like a calm insanity and I love it. Patiently waiting to see how he does in Savage’s which has recently been released at the cinema’s.

Quentin Glass (Will Patton) – I love this guy, definitely a favourite actor of mine. Currently starring in Steven Speilbergs show, Falling Skies where he plays the leader of a resistance group of humans, he’s been in Armageddon, Gone In 60 Seconds, Remember The Titans and I also remember him being in a few episodes of 24. He plays Travolta’s right hand man in this film, best friends for 20 years he does what ever Saint needs him to do, Castle being the badass and mastermind that he is manages to convince Saint that Glass is having an affair with Saint’s wife, leading to his death. Such a shame.

The film also has quite a few recognizable names that play minor roles in this film, such as Rebecca Romijn who plays one of Castle’s neighbours when he moves back to Tampa, she plays the “only dates potential psychopathic rapists” girl well in this and looks as hot as ever. Then there’s Ben Foster who was “Angel” in X-Men: The Last Stand and had roles in Contraband and The Mechanic. Roy Schieder plays Castle’s father at the beginning of the film, country singing legend Mark Collie has a role as one of the assassin’s after Castle and Laura Harring who is gorgeous plays Howard Saint’s wife. Also if you watch wrestling at all, you’ll know who Kevin Nash is who plays “The Russian” in this, another assassin, he plays that role well due to his size of 7 foot.


Overall Rating; As I said, I enjoyed this film and would rather not watch another Punisher film without Thomas Jane in the lead role. It was a mistake to replace him and because of that we’ll probably not get another Punisher film for a long time. I was really pleased when I heard he’d done a self produced short, it shows that he still loves the role. The scene’s with his neighbours at the worn down apartment building can seem corny at times which lets the film down a bit and for some reason they seem to grow attached to him very quickly, willing to be tortured, not to mention Rebecca’s character being a bit of a slag. The final battle scene was a bit underwhelming, the film sometimes seemed to focus less on action and more of Jane sat in a dark room brooding. But still, I enjoyed, he was badass and hopefully I’ll get to see Jane in more roles like this, though at his age it may seem unlikely at this stage. 7/10


I’ll give this 8/10, because he loses two points for opting to sit down and watch his laundry spin rather than stop someone from getting raped. You’ve changed man.


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  2. Lol, I remember seeing the first one too and thinking it wasn’t bad… Haven’t seen it in a while though. In that Short, that dude in the Wheelchair is Ron Pearlman, aka “Hellboy”, or “Beast” from the old “Beauty and the Beast” Television show from years ago.

    Sheesh he really Bloodied that Short Up, Lol


  3. I was linked to the short from Facebook without being given any details, just Dirty Laundry. I watched it and said, “He sure looks like he is playing The Punisher again.” Then the fun began, I realized what I was watching, and I thought, “Holy Christ I want this to be a feature length film!”

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