Extremely Saddened By The Colorado Shooting

by darkjade68

Extremely Saddened By The Colorado Shooting

I Actually heard about the shooting early this morning, and was just so sad.

At first I thought I’d Post about it on “The Dark Globe”, but then I just felt so sad about it, I just thought I’d wait and see how I felt about it later in the day.

So here I am at 1:21am, I suspect I might be sleeping now, save the extreme temperatures and humidity we’re having…

And I came across a Tweet from someone that I Follow, and Respect on Twitter… Edward Norton.

The thing about Edward Norton is, he’s a very Fascinating Actor… Which is why I followed him to begin with… In fact My Favorite Performance by him was in “Kingdom Of Heaven”, as the “Prince” who wears a mask, because he has Leprosy… I believe it was an “Unaccredited” Performance, which is just his Style… So you may not see his name in the Credits.

Well Edward Norton, for the most part, just Tweets about the Charities he’s involved with… Which is cool, it’s his life, and he should do what he wants… I respect that.

But as I sat here at this late hour and popped on Twitter, and saw a Tweet from him giving a Location where we can make Donations to the Families of the Victims at the Colorado Shooting… It struck a Chord with me, as it’s the Victims Families that I’ve been Thinking about all day.

These People went to see a movie man… FFS

A Bit of $#$#@ Damn Joy in the Middle of a Rough Time for our Country, Economically anyway.

And they Died for it.

Pretty Damn #$#@’d up, forgive my French.

Anyway, now that I’ve gotten my Mini Rant out of the way…

I thought I’d pass on that Site where you can Donate to the Family Members if yah like

I’m not big on Pushing Charities, though I’m thankful for people that set them up, and get em noticed… But, like I say, this situation just really struck a chord with me.

Anyway, here’s the Site Link Huffpost Impact

Life is a Gift… It’s not always easy, but it’s Potentially a Gift anyways… And it is just so messed up that those innocent people lost theirs because somebody out there “Lost Their Mind”, or whatever. The truth is, I’m not looking forward to hearing about it for weeks and weeks, as I really don’t like the Media for the most part… And what they do with Sad Stories. It’s just wrong. Period.

Nuff Said

I’ll End This Post with a Song that My Brother just Texted and said it reminds him of me… Ironically, I actually followed the band on Twitter a couple months back, because I love the song.

Here yah go… Have a Nice Night/Day/Evening


4 Comments to “Extremely Saddened By The Colorado Shooting”

  1. It’s absolutely disgusting, I hope he suffers for this I really do. Life is not a game, people don’t just come back. It’s a reason why America needs to be tougher on gun control, if these weapons are readily available for anyone to purchase then any lunatic can buy them and do the exact same as this idiot. Who the fuck does he think he is? None of these people ever did a thing to hurt him. I’d love to be locked in a room with him for five minutes and see how tough he thinks he is then.

    My condolences go out to the people that have been affected by this.

  2. My sentiments exactly as Pete’s. The debate on gun control in the States just came up for another breath of air and I intend on keeping tabs. I think not only America should be thinking about this gun control, it applies for other countries as well. As for that monster, I say let Pete at him. You know what? I’ll do my very best to forget his existence, which at the moment seems impossible.

    I pray that the damned media vampires restrain themselves, oh how they love to to blow things out of proportion and milk the situation for all it’s worth and just frustrate the family and friends of the victims and the survivors. It’s just pinful and sickening to endure.

    What’s this world coming to?

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