The Dark Globe – Win Win… In Review

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe – Win Win… In Review

It’s not all that often that I see a Good Movie these days… Sadly

And whilst perusing the Free Orderable Movies last night, I came across a Film that I had actually wanted to see when it was out…

It’s called “Win Win“…



The Story; Well, you probably get the gist of the Story from that Preview… But I’ll lay it out for you.

Paul Giamatti (Who is one of the main reasons I had wanted to see this Film, I really like him), plays a Lawyer whose just not making enough money at the moment.

Many of us can relate with that right off the bat… Out of an act of desperation, he becomes a Legal Guardian to an Older Gentlemen (Played by Burt Young, the Actor acclaimed for playing Rocky Balboa’s Brother in Law) who is one of his Clients. Now he tells the Court Judge that he’s doing this, so the Older guy can keep on living in his house, as opposed to being put in a home.

He’s lying… The real reason he takes on the Guardianship is so he can collect the $1,500 a month that it pays to be his Guardian.

Paul Giamatti’s Character then puts the older gentlemen into a home (Where he actually belongs anyway), and collects the money.

All’s fine until the old guy’s Grandson Kyle shows up.

Kyle doesn’t talk much, but he’s basically come to live with his Grandpa, who he finds out is in a home now… So Paul Giamatt’s Family have him stay with them for a little while.

This little while grows when they find out Kyle’s Mom is in a Drug Clean Out Clinic, and will be for 4 or 5 more weeks.

So they decide to let him stay with them during that time, and come to find out that he used to Wrestle.

Well it just so happens that Paul Giamatti Coaches a Wrestling team that very much sucks, and so he gets Kyle into the School temporarily so that he can join the team, and Wrestle.

That’s all of the Story I’m going to tell yah, as to save it for yah…

But I will tell you this, the Humanness of the Characters and Story makes this a Very Realistic, and Enjoyable Film.



The Characters;

Mike Flaherty (Paul Giamatti) – This is a Classic Paul Giamatti Role… Of The Smur, who has a hard time keeping above water in life, but is able to pull himself through. He’s great.

Kyle (Alex Shaffer); This kid is great, and reminds me of a young Sean Penn a bit. Apparently the Actor really did use to Wrestle, until an injury that stopped him from continuing. This kid is great in this Film… Completely real.

Jackie Flaherty (Amy Ryan); I have no idea who Amy Ryan, Paul Giamatti’s Wife in this, is but I have to tell you, she’s probably the best Character in the Film… She’s not only Hilarious, but she really gives off that feeling of someone you wouldn’t mind being your mom, if your real mom was basically a mess… Which Kyle’s mom basically is.

Terry Delfino (Bobby Cannavale); I swear I’ve seen this guy before… I will just say, he is Hilarious…

Stephen Vigman (Jeffrey Tambor); This guy is always great, and He, Paul Giamatti and Terry Delfino together are Hilarious (Terry and Jeffrey play Assistant Coaches to Paul Giamatti).

The Little Girl in this Film is also very good. But all of the Actors in it are good basically.

Overall Rating;

Like I say, I don’t see all that many Good Films anymore… The Film Industry is Struggling, and Films like this are very Refreshing.

I’m going to go ahead and give this an Overly Good Rating of an 8/10. Ok, maybe it wouldn’t be an 8 Film 20 or so years ago, but these days, these are exactly the kind of Films we need to get the Film Industry going again… And when I say that, I don’t mean Ticket Sales… I mean “Quality” Storytelling.

Thanks for Watching/Reading/Listening



6 Comments to “The Dark Globe – Win Win… In Review”

  1. . . . in my queue . . . just watched The Hunter. You might like it.

  2. You should watch The Snow Walker too, Disperser recommended that film to me and I thought it was great. Proving that huge sets aren’t required to make a good film.

    I’ll check this out as I love Giamatti too, have you seen Duets? He’s awesome in that.

    • I really think you’ll like this one Pete… I thought of you when I saw it… The Three Coaches are Hilarious together

      I’ve only seen some scenes from Duets, I’ve been meaning to watch it actually… I’ll Check it out


  3. Very nice review … I like the short clip you added.
    It looks like a must see. Will have to go and queue
    along with the other mentioned in the comments.
    Thanks ….

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