Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest

by darkjade68

Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest

This is just a Heads Up about a Photography Competition/Contest that we’re going to be doing in August

It’s called Dark Globe’s “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest, and will be based on a Suggestion made by Our Senior Photographer Mark.

I’ll be Posting about the Rules and Specifics of the Contest soon, but it will be Different than our “February Shoot Off!” Competition that took place 5-6 Months ago.

One very different element will be, Photographers will be asked to Submit Several Photos that tell One Story…

But, like I say, the Specifics of the Contest, and who the Judges will be, will all be Posted soon

Get Your Cameras Ready Out There, and Be Sure To Let Any Photographers You Know That The Contest Is Coming

We Had a Great Turn Out in February, and Hopefully will this time as well

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Photo Credit – Story Of The Year


9 Responses to “Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest”

  1. Sounds like it’s going to be an interesting challenge.
    Great …

  2. Reblogged this on Mark | Photoblog and commented:

    Stay tuned for another photography contest by The Dark Globe.


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