One Lovely Blog Award

by darkjade68

One Lovely Blog Award

One of Our New Followers Gave “The Dark Globe” an Award, and I wanted to just take a moment to say thank you.

The Follower’s Name is Terri, and she’s pretty New to WordPress, but is a Lovely Writer.

Here’s The Link for the Award One Lovely Blog Award

Because The Dark Globe is a Group Effort, I won’t be Listing 7 Things about Myself, nor will I be Passing This Award Along…

But I will share 7 Things about The Dark Globe, that you may, or may not know.

1) The Dark Globe was My Third Blog, which I started back in the end of October, 2011. It was designed to be a place for my Journalism Efforts, as well as somewhere where a group of Writers/Photographers/Artists could come together under one roof, so to speak, and Create a Variety of different types of Posts. I think that it has truly been a success.

2) These days we’re getting around 10,000 Views a Month, which is just Awesome.

3) The Founding Members of The Dark Globe are Quill Wielder, Pete Howorth, Pdk, Mark and Myself. The four of them have been with me the whole time, and are truly the backbone of this Blog.

4) Our Highest Viewed Month was in April when we did our “Create A World Writing Contest”, where we had over 16,000 Views on the Site.

5) We Average around 40 New Followers a Month, which is just awesome.

6) Since February 25th, 2012, when WordPress started Tracking the Countries that viewed sites, we’ve had 169 different countries view our Blog.

7) I’ll leave this one open for if any of you have any questions you’d like to ask me about the Site? Feel Free

Truth be known, The Reason for our Success with this Site is Two Fold… Both Our Readers, and Our Contributors have shaped this Site to what it is… And I can’t thank all of you enough for Joining me in “The Dark Globe” World that we’ve all Created.

Nuff Said

Thanks Again Terri for the Award… We Really Appreciate it

DarkJade & The Dark Globe Crew-


One Comment to “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. I wish my title was Founder rather than Assistant Editor, like in Star Trek Deep Space 9 with the Shapeshifters.

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