One Week Before Camp

by quillwielder

Well it’s the lead up to the big event, one week until August Camp NaNoWriMo starts. By now you should have an idea for you novel and now this is the week you should be  your plot.

Think about your characters and what’s going to happen. Don’t go to much into detail, leave it open for changes for those times when you need to rack up your word count.

Great ways to add words to your novel can be found here in a post did last camp:

Mentally prepare yourself. This might sound silly but NaNo really is a big thing to undertake. You’re going to drink too much coffee, stay up late and get stuck for words a lot. I mean a lot. It’s not easy writing 50k words in a month. You need support and discipline. So don’t underestimate what you’re doing. This won’t be easy, but it will be fun and you’ll be proud to say you did in the end.

To recap,
-plan out your plot and characters leaving it open for changes
-prepare yourself mentally for the event ahead.


4 Comments to “One Week Before Camp”

  1. I made the mistake one year of writing a detailed plot summary for the entire NaNo book. That was disastrous. It stopped being fun, and felt more like writing an essay, or *shudder* like work. Enjoy Camp NaNo 🙂

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