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July 26, 2012

Our Health – Strokes

by Patrick Dykie


       I decided to do a post about strokes when a family member recently suffered one. She survived, but now has irreparable damage to her mind and body, including some paralysis, difficulty with mobility, trouble speaking, and memory loss. The sad thing is, if someone had recognized the initial signs of a stroke, and had gotten her to the hospital within the first few hours, she may have completely recovered. Medical jargon can be pretty tough to get through, so I tried to make this post about strokes as easy to read as possible. (Researching this almost killed me!) Hopefully, we can all learn a little about strokes, recognize  some of the symptoms, and maybe help someone we care about survive this terrible event.

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July 26, 2012

Dark Globe’s “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest… Choosing The Themes

by darkjade68

Dark Globe’s “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest… Choosing The Themes

The Contest Will Be Starting Soon, but First We Need To Choose 3 Themes… And It’s Up to you the Readers to Vote For The Themes You Like…

These are Themes that have been Suggested by Our 8 Judges, who will be Announced when I Post the Official Rules for the Contest.

Let Us Know What You Think…

You Can Vote for Up To 3 Different Themes… 1 Per Vote

Thanks for your Help Guys