July Featured Novel: Djinn

by quillwielder

There’s a few days left in the month which means I’m still in time to write about the July Featured Novel. I chose to write about the novel I’m currently working on, though I found it hard to actually write about it because I feel like I need to save the good stories for when it comes time to publish the work, but I will see what I can come up with.

My novel is called Djinn and it is a Paranormal Romance. I wrote Djinn in about 3 weeks back in July as part of Camp NaNoWriMo, where it ended up being over 50, 000 words. It wasn’t originally the novel I was going to write for NaNo, but I’d wanted to write a Paranormal Romance for a while and couldn’t come up with an original idea. Then one day at work, I was washing wires and suddenly it came to me, an original idea that hasn’t really been done. Djinns. For those of you who don’t know Djinns are like Genies. It was the perfect idea and once the foundations were build the rest of my story house was built without a problem. The ideas just flowed and soon I had a plan for not only my July NaNo, but also for an entire trilogy that I plan to complete throughout the year.

I’m starting Book Two, Blooders, on Wednesday for the August Camp NaNo.

Here’s a synopsis for book one:

Kyra has been on the run with her father for as long as she can remember. They are continuously pursued by people who want to kidnap Kyra, or so her father tells her.

But what happens when Kyra finds out that she has already been kidnapped by the man she calls “Dad” and the people chasing them have been trying to return her home to her people?

Kyra’s world is turned upside down when she learns she is a Djinn, a genie-like being whose blood is sought after by a group of crazed humans known as Blooders, who wish to drink Djinn blood to gain their powers.

Life gets even harder for Kyra when she falls for the mysteriously sexy, Jace, who she can’t be with because he is considered a lower class of Djinn.

How will Kyra deal with the truth of who she is and a life of rules she doesn’t want to follow?

What do you think?

I was going to post a little excerpt but I haven’t finished editing Djinn yet and I don’t want to post something knowing it will probably change. So when it’s edited I’ll post a excerpt, promise. Scouts honour.

If you would like to know anything else about my novels you can visit my author site: Laura Pfundt


5 Comments to “July Featured Novel: Djinn”

  1. Sounds good. But there’s one thing – I don’t know whether you’ve read Mortal Instruments series by Cassandra Clare, but one of the main characters there is called Jace (a nickname), and he also is described as sexy and mysterious. Just so you know, if you didn’t already. 🙂

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