Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest Final Theme

by darkjade68

Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest Final Theme

So the Votes are in for the Final Theme for the Photography Contest, and it is “Survival”

Thanks to those of you that Voted!

So the Three Themes that you can choose from when Telling us a Story with your Photos  are;

1) Love

2) Growth

3) Survival

And The Rules and Judges Etc Once Again;

1) Official Starting Date – August 1st-August 15th

2) Winners Announced – August 20th

3) Rules;

A) – You Must Choose One Of The Three Themes, And Tell A Story Using Only Photos (No Text Etc., other than the Theme)…

B) – You May Use Between 4 & 8 Photos to Tell Your Story… No Less… No More

C) – You Must Submit Your Photos To JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com, Your Submissions Will Then Be Posted On The Site For Readers & Judges To See

*Additional Rules May Be Added Along The Way

Your Judges;

1) DarkJade – Dark Globe Site Creator/Editor/Senior Writer

2) Shannon – Dark Globe Senior Writer

3) Quill Wielder – Dark Globe Assistant Editor/Senior Writer

4) Mark – Dark Globe Senior Photographer

5) Pete – Dark Globe Assistant Editor/Senior Writer

6) Lorna – One of 2011′s Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award’s Bloggers Of The Year

7) Paige Addams – Dark Globe Writer

8) Kirsty – Dark Globe Assistant Editor/Senior Photographer

So The Contest starts August 1st, and runs through August 15th… That gives you just over 2 weeks to get out there and take your photos, and submit them to the E-mail Address up above.

I’ll be Posting an Official Contest Starting Post on August 1st…

Until then, thanks for Listening/Reading, and Feel free to Reblog This Post so that all of your Photographer Followers are aware of the Contest.

The Winners will receive Award Badges for their Blogs!

Nuff Said



One Comment to “Dark Globe “Tell Us A Story” Photography Contest Final Theme”

  1. Feel free to attempt to bribe me aswell. Playa has bills to pay. 😛

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