Dark Globe Forum – Just Chillen

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Forum – Just Chillen

I have Family in town, but once they leave I’ll be Updating our Dark Globe Forum… Apparently WordPress Deleted their Social Forums, which is basically how a lot of us met…

WordPress is a bit of a mystery to me, I can only think they’re trying to figure out ways to cash in on all of their Free Members, and out of frustration are making some lame mistakes…

Anyway, this Post isn’t about that.

Pete and I will be Redesigning our “Dark Domain” Forum during the next week or so, and I just wanted to Invite All of you to Come Sign up, maybe we can Create a bit of a Community Our Self, or at least give some people that used the Social Forums somewhere to come and Visit one another, now that they have lost their Home.

Pete and I Designed it a while back to Create a Dark Globe Community, but now it will be more about being a Blogging Community in General, so you will most likely be seeing some Changes to it in the near future.

For now, I threw up a New Forum on the Site called “Just Chillen“… You can find it by this Cute Cat Picture Up Above, Lol

Also there’s a “Showcase” Forum, where you can Post Your New Posts (Though We’ll Probably be Changing the Name of That Forum, the meaning will be the same)

Also, go on the Site and Post Your “Blog Links/Address” here, maybe you can generate some more Followers for your Blog.

The Whole Site may look different between now, and the next couple weeks… But if you’d like to come Chill, or just Signup for the Future Site, Feel Free… There are other Forums on the Site as well

Feel Free to Relog this to your Followers, or Tweet it on your Twitter, the More the Merrier!

Thanks Guys



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