by 'Ard Pete

I don’t often reblog my posts to Dark Globe, but today is my birthday and I’m nearing 30 so shut up! 😛

Here is the first of 5 posts that’ll be getting posted throughout the day, usually at six hour intervals, so be sure to keep checking my blog throughout today and tomorrow to see my 5 greatest moments of all time.

You know you want to. I can feel it in my waters. xxx ❤ xxx

Evolution Of Insanity

…So far.

If you’ve taken notice to your right on my Widgets area you’ll notice that today is my birthday, meaning that you can tell your boss to piss off and before he can say anything all you need to say is, “It’s ‘Ard Pete’s birthday” and he’ll back the fuck down or I’ll knock him out.

Unless your boss is a female, then I’ll just seduce her with my manly ways and while she’ll not feel the pain straight away, she will be sore in the morning…

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