What’s this world coming to?

by Devina

Via lordheath.com

Prior to getting the oh-so-bright idea to write this post I was bored senseless, I actually contemplated running out on the street under the ominous grey clouds and scream “For seventeen years I’ve put up with this madness, I’m moving to Hogsmeade. Forget you Muggles!” after which I fancy lightning will flash and the thunder will roar! No, not really, but it would be fun but then people will get to thinking that I’m insane (which is scary close to the truth)

Then my thoughts led me to wonder what’s this world coming to when parents, especially fathers, allow their daughters to dress like hookers, when parents let their kids walk over them? I know that all don’t let this happen, but it’s a fact that it does occur to a larger extent compared to years ago. What about those idiots who wear pants down till their knees? Oh, how I’d love to find the person that started that brainless trend! Brainless because it’s only mindless zombies who would ever follow it. It’s an eye sore but there’s one positive thing to come out of this and that is I’ll know the zombies from the living with more than an ounce of grey matter in their heads.

What is this world coming to when an attempt to snatch our rights on the Internet was carried out (SOPA anyone?)? What is this world coming to when people don’t give a cent about others, I mean there are people out there that still care but from what I can see their numbers are in the minority. My vocabulary is limited when it comes to describing losers who beat up old ladies (DarkJade might be forced to delete this post if I got my way) and steal their money, and their kitty litter for a bonus? Don’t ask me what they do with the kitty litter …

What’s this world coming to when the shoe you’ve just bought seam unravel after two uses? I pay reasonable prices, people, and I expect to get my  money’s worth not some age old garbage that store owner just found at the bottom of some pile dated from 2000 and something. And when I do find something decent it’s way overpriced, I’m not a miser or anything because I am willing to pay a little more extra for something of quality  but the places I’ve been and the footwear I’ve seen it’s not worth it. Do I have to fly out of the country to get me a pair of good shoes that mere mortals like myself can afford?

Do I have to get started on corruption? Injustice? Exploitation? I believe most of us have experience or have witnessed more than our share of some of those.

I can’t forget Colorado theater shooting late last month, we’ve written a few posts about the incident, by “The Joker” for no apparent reason, innocents died senseless deaths. Then over the years there were freak murders carried out by students in collages and high schools, again kids and teachers were killed and many were injured, after which in one case that I know of (Columbine High School massacre) the killers committed suicide. Why? I don’t understand it all and maybe that’s because there is nothing to understand.

I regret to include the latter point, about the massacres, but I’d be cheating if I had left it out because those are a part of the reality we live in today, the same reality our children and their children will live tomorrow, why should they be avoided? It wouldn’t somehow magically undo them from ever happening.

In my opinion there’s a moral decline all over the place, maybe I can’t exactly justify this, but clearly the signs are there.

As for natural disasters, I believe it’s Mother Nature’s way of getting rid of excess population and also think these disasters are some sort of defense mechanism in response to all of these changes going on in the environment in relation pollution and the works, but I’ve more to think about on that.

With all of this happening and lots more, I sometimes wait for the world to end already. What is this world coming to?

P.S: I wrote this on the spur of the moment, if you found anything missing or out of place please do let me know. Thanks!


6 Responses to “What’s this world coming to?”

  1. Frustration shared by many, and each with their own tweaks at to what is sometime so depressing about the world.

    There is good too, but you seldom have it reported. For that is a part of the problem . . . by all metrics we have it better than any other people since recorded history, including when considering violence.

    . . . but that’s not how things are perceived. In part it’s because often it’s only news when something bad happens. In part it’s because when something bad happens many people want to exploit it for their own purpose.

    Do a search for “Steven Pinker’s The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined”. This is no Pollyanna view of the world. His metrics are hard to argue.

    For me, personally, while I acknowledge many of us live better than kings did even a scant 100 years ago, I can’t help but feel other aspects of our quality of life have declined, and invariably I can place the blame on one thing.

    Too Many People.

    Sure, the world can support many more . . . maybe even feed them. But the down side is that I can’t hardly go anywhere (save some very remote and forbidding places) that I don’t see garbage, signs of disregard for nature’s and man-made beauty, and have to deal with people who are not all that civilized, respectful, or considerate.

    To my simple mind the problem is simple. When you have large concentration of people, you are more likely to cross paths with the small percentage that should be shot on the spot . . . and in the olden days we might have done that.

    But we are now more civilized . . . and hence have little recourse but to seethe, shake our heads, and wonder why people have to be like that.

    I can tell myself most aren’t, but the few are making up for their low numbers with more and more disregard of civilized behavior. The more examples I see, the more I want to retreat from any contact.

    • I understand what you’re saying and I agree. In a large population you’re likely to meet the ones that should be shot, and probably because they did just that all those years ago might as well be the reason why back then was better times to live in. I see these things I’ve mentioned happening too often where I am and it’s sad that when I’m surprised when I chance to meet someone halfway decent. Though I can be described as a social person I’m sort of sad to say that people often tire me mainly because of their disrespectful and indifferent behaviour. I apologize for replying so late.

      • Ah, what do you know!

        . . . yes, that’s a joke . . .

        The sad part about the disrespectful and indifferent behavior is I don’t believe it’s intentional . . . which often makes it even worse to contemplate.

  2. I agree, things seem bleak, but I imagine there were people during the Dark Ages that felt the same way. Every era has its challenges, but we all manage to muddle our way through. At least we have so far… I haven’t lost hope.

    • I see what you mean and I’ve learned hope is a good thing to have.
      If you look at it this way; people in the 1800’s had different ideas about how people should conduct themselves but over the years these ideals change, some for the better some for the worst. Society is always in motion, today and the happenings I’ve mentioned in this post and more are a part of that change but what will it be in a next 10 years? Will things get better or will lapse into a darker time? Like I said, I think hope is a handy thing to have, we might need all we have. Oh goodness, I can be such a pessimist. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Lorna.


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