Week One: August Camp Update

by quillwielder

It’s time to check in after week one of the August Camp NaNo.

How’s everyone going?

Are you sticking with your story or did you ditch it after a couple of days?

Are you storming your word count or falling behind?

Tell me about your WIP.


For me week one has been a boom of wordlyness (that’s totally not a word, haha). I’ve been keeping a steady 3,000-4,000 words a day and I’m already over 20,000. At first I’ll admit though I was writing a lot I didn’t feel like any of it good. I just hadn’t got back into my story after a month break. I should mention for those who don’t know I’m writing the second novel in a Paranormal series this month. I wrote the first book in the June Camp.

After a few day I was finally starting to feel a connection with my characters again. It was like seeing an old friend after a long time and getting re-acquainted and now I feel back in the flow of writing.

Something else I’m doing differently than last time is last time I just wrote the main thing I wanted to happen in each chapter and looking back I realised I needed to add some more filler scenes to beef it up. So this time around I’ve thought bout adding extra bits in which really have been developing my characters and story a lot more.

Update: since writing this I have become very sick to the point where I had to take work off. Since being sick I’ve only managed about 600 words a day. Which annoyed me but doesn’t hinder my word count too much. Glas I wrote a lot before hand.

I’ll check back in for the Week Two Update. Hope all your writing goes well!


One Comment to “Week One: August Camp Update”

  1. I’ve been doing great at the beginning but then the number of words written decreased each day because… well life just got in the way. Nevertheless I’m not late at all and well advanced indeed and I’ve been making progress compared to the NaNo I did in November.
    Good luck to all for week 2!

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