An Excellent Travel/Food Video… Gotta Love The Internet

by darkjade68

My Friend Danny over at Danny’s Kitchen , a Cooking Blog that I follow… Incorporated His Love of Food into a Video he took on his Vacation…

As someone who Studied Film Making for a couple years, I have to say this is a Brilliant Piece
Subtle, and Content Rich

Here’s the Link to his Post Copenhagen Part 1: A Video Montage

And Here’s What He Wrote

This was my first vacation as a “Food Blogger” and so I had to approach this trip differently.

For me, travel is about soaking in the sights and sounds, visiting museums, churches and exploring every nook and cranny that I can. It’s about snapping that perfect picture or capturing that moment on my video camera. In all honesty, food is simply a way to keep my energy level up so that I can go on to the next historical monument. I know — you’re probably gasping by what you just read. But this time around, I made sure to snap photos of the things I ate so that I could share my food experiences in addition to the beautiful places I encountered. I even tried to get reservations at Noma, but alas, this famed restaurant was closed for the summer holidays and this Food Blogger was out of luck.

So my amazing cruise vacation to the Baltic region began with a few days in beautiful Copenhagen. In Part I of my Copenhagen posting, I hope you enjoy my video montage to get a flavor of this amazing city made famous by The Little Mermaid and Tivoli Gardens. I hope you enjoy.


*You Can Also Follow Danny on Twitter @dannys_kitchen



2 Comments to “An Excellent Travel/Food Video… Gotta Love The Internet”

  1. Thank you so much DJ for sharing this with your readers!

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