Summer time is here

by Devina

Oh how the time does fly

Sultry days under the glowering sun

The sprinklers shudder to life while the

Children play on the wet green lawns


The women display their toned forms

That they toiled and dieted to achieve the season before

In skimpy bathing suits on the warm sand

Before shameless wondering eyes


The ice cream man is a rich man this time of year

See how the young and old swarm his truck

For the sweet cold milky goodness

Upon the parched tongues


Students are freed from the prison and ache to celebrate

Summer is the time to make memories,

To mess around with friends

To fall in love

To get your heart broken


Summer is a last chance to see Nature in all her glory

Before the vibrant colours fade

Before the air turns cold and hard

Before the frost flowers decorate your windows with delicate petals

Before the flowers whither and the leaves fall

Before a blanket of white covers the land


So relax while you can, pull up a chair

Spread a blanket and soak in the sun

Summer is here again

© Devina S.


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