The Dark Globe Editorial – Knowing Your Audience

by darkjade68


by DarkJade

Knowing Your Audience… If There Is Such A Thing



When The Toll Strikes “August 18th, 2012”, I will have Officially been Blogging for a Year.

My Original Blog was, and is, My Main Creative Writing Blog, “The Written Word“…

Here I Wrote Poetry, Editorials, Music Posts, Blog Series, a Novella, and Fantasy Novel… So Far

But I’m a Full Time Writer, Part Time Admin./Marketing Consultant for an Architect… And lets just say, Architecture has been rather slow during the last 12 months, as is the case for many, many Professions in this Economy.

Financial Battles, Tons… Written Material? Also Tons.

Next I Created My Blog “One Knight” in early October, 2011… Now This Site was Created with Two Specific Purposes in mind… One, as a Place where I “Only” Worked on My Childhood Novel Idea, “One Knight”… As opposed to my Main Site, which I basically Wrote anything that came to my Mind. And Two, in order to keep the Site Interesting, I brought on a couple Additional Writers, who would also Post Creative Writing Efforts.

These Writers were Pdk, one of our Senior Writers, and Founding Members of “The Dark Globe” Blog… And Our Very Own ‘Ace’ Pete, one of our Three Dark Globe Assistant Editors, a Senior Writer, and also one of “The Dark Globe” Founding Members…

Now that Site was cruising along fine, but then I decided to put My “One Knight” Novel on hold, as I had a “Brand New Fantasy Novel” Idea that hit me in December 2011 (Chess With Agatha), and decided I’d wait until after the Holidays to get started on it.

Also in Late October, as many of you may, or may not know, I felt the need to Create a Site where I could focus My Journalism Efforts… Also, I wanted to Create a Site that I worked with, and/or along side, other Artists like myself… Writers and Photographers basically…

And Thus was born “The Dark Globe“.

Being that I wasn’t going to be working on my “One Knight” Book for now, I asked Pdk and ‘Ace’ Pete if they’d like to join me on this New Site… Pdk joined pretty much immediately… Pete wasn’t sure he’d have enough time to contribute on top of his Main Blog, and Creative Writing Efforts on the “One Knight” Site… But after a short bit, he joined us as well.

But what does any of this have to do with “Knowing Your Audience”?

Well, after close to 500 Posts on My “The Written Word” Site, and hundreds on My “The Dark Globe” Site, there are several things that I’ve experienced along the way.

1) Your Audience is Always Changing – Even People that have Loved My Poetry, or Liked a Specific one of My Blog Series on “The Written Word”, have still sometimes Floated away… Or so it seems, Lol But, New People would quickly Float in… So, like I say, your Audience is always changing.

2) Expect the unexpected – Never in my Wildest Dreams would I have expected My Strongest Responses to be from my Poetry… I had went through a break up last June, and I started Writing Poetry, not necessarily Romantic one’s, just one’s based on any assortment of Feelings and Thoughts I happened to be Feeling, and/or Going through at the time… The thing is, Break Ups are “Great Catalysts” to the Soul… Meaning, they really stir #$@% up inside you, Lol And Poetry is a Great Place to Get it out, so to speak. So do yourself a favor, and don’t “Cling” to death to what you “Want to Write” (I Mean I do Love Writing Poetry, but Stories Was What I was Really Interested in Initially… Now I Love Both)… I mean, Write Your Favorite Things to Write too… But keep in mind, your “Success” (not necessarily just monetary), may come from any sort of thing.

3) Self Publishing Kicks A$$ – Do you ever wish that you were the Master of Your Own Destiny? Well, here’s your chance… There are no guarantees that you will Make a Living from “Self Publishing”… Hell, there’s probably even less of a chance of making a Living Writing if you wait around for someone to Pick Up Your Book… And then hope it sells. Here’s the thing, with “Self Publishing”, you are indeed “The Master of Your Own Writing Destiny”… Or “Photography” Books for that matter. In January 2012, I Self Published My First Ever Efforts… First, My First Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“… Then My “White Jade Comic Book“… From these Experiences alone, I learned basically How to Self Publish. Bottom Line, the hardest part about it, was Adjusting the Documents for “CreateSpace”, so that the Cover Title was Centered, Lol. Beyond that, the rest was a Cake Walk. I may not have sold a bunch of these Poetry Books, but in the End, there’s nothing like Holding a Copy of a Book you Wrote in your Hands… Let me tell you. And, unbelievably, I was able to get a Local Bookstore to carry it… Which I’m really hoping, and I believe is actually the case, that it would help me develop a “Relationship” with the Store, so that they will continue to look at My Future Work. Such is the case, as she’s not only willing to look at My Novella that I will be Self Publishing in a couple weeks, but I E-mailed her a copy of the Cover, and she said it was “Cool”, and that “It was better than most Self Publisher’s Covers” that she’s seen… Keep that in mind if you Self Publish, “Make  A Strong Cover”… Now My Poetry book I wanted Simple, a solid Color. But beyond that, The Skies The Limit, and I’m currently seeking out an Artist to Do The Cover of My First Self Published “Fantasy Novel”, which I hope to Self Publish by December, 2012. But I can Write on and on about Self Publishing. I’ll be doing a thorough Post about All of the Steps I took in the Future, so I’ll leave this for now. Be The Master of Your Own Publishing Destiny.

4) Fight Through The Hard Times – If your Blog goes through a tough Patch, don’t give up… Keep on Writing and Promoting your Blog. Think of your Writing, or Photography Endeavors as an “Expedition” out to Sea… You wouldn’t just pull down the Sails and sit out there at Sea, would yah? You wouldn’t do that to your Body (meaning you’d run out of food eventually), so why would you do that to Your “Creative Soul”? Don’t. Take it from someone that Started Pursuing his Creative Dreams at 30, instead of 20… It will turn you into a “Zombie”… Just doing your regular job, and being bummed out on the inside. At least in my experience. No, when the winds die down for your Writing, Photography, or Blogging… Get out the Damn Paddle, and start Rowing until a New Wind Rises… So to speak, Lol

5) Market The Hell Out of Your Work – Use the Social Media By All Means… Not just Your Blog, I’m talking about “Twitter”, “Facebook”, “Tumblr” Etc… I was full blown against ever using Twitter… I thought it was just a way for you to know what the “Stars” were up to… And frankly, I had no interest. But I’ve come to determine that it’s an “Awesome” way to be in contact with not only Your Site Followers/Audience, but also Your Comrades in Ink as I call them… And or Comrades in Photography. And I hateddd Facebook… Not using it, just the whole Premise… But as in all things, there are Aspects of it that are actually useful. One of the things that made me realize that is, how somehow “The Dark Globe” has like 300 Facebook Followers, and I don’t know how… It wasn’t from My Facebook Page, as I hadn’t Created one yet. So, that is a good thing. And I would Imagine “Tumblr” is an Awesome Tool for Photographers to Share There Shots… Pinterest is also Cool. Trust me, the more you get your Work out there, The Better.

6) Follow Other People’s Blogs – I will safely say, that the Very Best Way to Build a Following, is to Check out, and Follow, or Click “Like” on other People’s Blogs. Now, I only Follow Blogs that I will actually take the time to Read/Look at for the most part… I know there’s People out there that just Hop from One Blog to another Clicking Follow, in Hopes of them Following them back. Yes, I do believe that this works for the Most Part. But I’m too Damn Honest, meaning… I’m not going to Follow Someone’s Blog who I have absolutely no Interest in… But that’s just me. I know that there are also people out there that want as many Followers as they can get, even if the Followers don’t Read or Look at their stuff… So, by all means, do whatever you like. I’m just funny that way. And truth be known, I only have so much time to Look at other People’s Blogs, as I’m Writing all the time. But, if I fall behind on the one’s I follow, I keep an E-mail File that I put them in, and every couple of Weeks, I go in there and Check them all out. If things get really busy, I might on occasion fall behind 3 weeks… But generally it’s only 10 to 14 days. But, By All Means, Follow, and/or Check out Other People’s Blogs… I Guarantee you, that is the Best Way to Connect with other Bloggers, and Followers.

7) Building A Network – One of the “Best” and “Greatest” things, that I would have never have suspected happening, is the “Incredible” Network of People I’ve met along the way… Not only do I have an “Incredible” Group of Artist/Creators that I work with here on “The Dark Globe”… But I’ve also come across some “Amazing”, and “Generous” Followers on all of My Sites… Many in which I can safely call My Friends. Through My Blogging Efforts, I now have a Follower that Reads, Reviews, and Pre-Edits My Self Published Work… Simply Because she Loves to do it, and Likes My Work. I’ve developed an Awesome Relationship with my Favorite Photographer in the World, who now Helps me Design the Look of “The Dark Globe”, and it’s “Contests/Banners/Award Badges”… And also Helps Me Design the Layout of My “Book Covers”… I also Give her Feedback on her Projects, so hopefully she gets as much out of working with me, as I do with her… Yeah you know who you are, Lol. I have an “Amazing Friend”, who followed My Trance Music Blog “Dark Xperience“, and now is one of My Greatest Supporters, and one of My Closest Friends. And the list goes on and on

Well, this Post is getting Huge, Lol… So I shall Wrap it up… But the truth about “Knowing Your Audience” is, Your Audience is Always Changing, so Just Keep Doing what you Love to do… And Pay attention to what your Followers Think, and try to Feed them some of that too… Always do what You Love To Do though… Don’t completely Bend to what they want… But do pay attention to what they say, whether you Heed their words, or not… Being Heard by a Follower, is just as good as Actually Taking their Suggestions… In my opinion.

Nuff Said

Love to hear what you think



11 Comments to “The Dark Globe Editorial – Knowing Your Audience”

  1. These are some great points- #3 and #4 were the most interesting and insightful. And I love your concluding sentence 🙂

    • Cool, I’m glad you got something out of this “Huge” Post, Lol

      Like I say, I’ll be doing a more thorough Post about all of My Steps of Self Publishing at some point. Hopefully that will be helpful for some people as well. I think we all take a different path, but hopefully the end results are the same… Our book. or Books are Published, and out there, for whoever to read.

      Thanks for your Comment Anna


  2. I’m always interested in the experience and insights from other bloggers. Thanks. Your advice on self publishing gives me food for though and, while you make a great case for Twitter and Face Book, I just don’t know If I can go there.

    Great post!

  3. Wow you’ve gone through such an interesting path! Blogging and writing indeed make us learn so many things along the way.
    As we should say, expect the unexpected 😉
    Great post!

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