Organization and procrastination

by Devina

My recently tidied shelf … well, a part of it. That’s Kevin Eleven’s car (the green Chevy)

There are a few things that I’ve come to accept about myself lately, heck, even from before. One of these is that I frustrate myself, so much I could feel my head explode with it all. Then after I calmed down I asked myself some questions. What is it about me that that irks me out? The list is long my friends but one thing I believe I could readily remedy is my outstanding tendency to be disorganized. Though let me tell you that fact contradicts who I am; almost to the point of OCD where neatness is concerned, every folder in my documents and music and pictures on my computer is in order, the problem lies in keeping up my standards and it’s a trying task seeing that I have four siblings to defend my possessions from, one of which is a sister just a year younger than myself who occasionally messes with my system.

So much Me, myself and I. I don’t like using these in posts so often, I don’t like talking about myself. That’s me for you, folks.

Back to what I was saying … it is not simple to keep my space tidy because no matter how much I preach everything ends up in a messy heap. So I gave up and let everything remained as it was. Books, novels and school books, piled atop another. Past exam question papers over there, pointless pencils over here sprinkled with chewed up pens with dried up ink. Sticky notes were all over the place with reminders, quotes, ideas for posts, stories and poems, and random thoughts. There’s a desk I share with my sister I mentioned, one set of drawers were hers the others were mine. Don’t get me started on them. Yes, I lived in such chaos and I kept on saying I will pack them up soon and soon was almost always delayed. Procrastination was another evil I gave in to.

Clipped from WikiHow

Well late Friday night past, I dug through some folders and came across a WikiHow article I printed out ages ago: How to be Organized. I saw the light that moment, my mind went clear, cluttered thoughts ran in fright! I’m not kidding when I said I was excited, I almost broke into a song but I clapped a hand over my big mouth as it was 2 AM and then it was Saturday. I got a bag and headed to my room where my desk (not the one I shared with my sis) and started to pick out all the useless paper, pens and what have you and worked with a maniac speed, well as fast as I could without waking up my parents. I made use of this new found energy because sooner or later it’ll all be gone. It was around 4 AM when I went to sleep with things not completely spick and span but it was definitely looking better.

Last night I cleared out my drawers and then put the stuff from my desk into them giving me more space to work with. There were books I would not be likely to picking up in a while so I packed those along with the text books I’m going to use this year. I scrubbed and polished and repacked and the photo below is the result. I hope no one was holding their breath for a before picture, there was no way in hell I’d put that up.

This is truly a refreshing scene to come across every day. I literally feel less cluttered. If anyone was wondering, that is a Ben10 sticker.

I’ve got a good way to go with all this organizing but I’ve started and I’m determined to keep on going, an organized person is a successful person, not to mention a saner one too. I really recommend those of you having trouble with getting things in order check out the WikiHow article I mentioned but I have to tell you some one edited it from the last time I checked it out, not entirely though but it’s worth it. It says to keep a planner and stick to it. I’ve tried this before but I’m willing to give it another shot. It is all about having the right mind set, if I continue in this path eventually it’ll become a habit, a very good habit.

My make-shift planner. The post-it screams at me.

Personally, I think getting one of these is the first step. When I see stuff I have to do written down I’m compelled to get them done, like just now I see I have some bills to record scribbled in mine, so I’m off to see to it. Just one last thing to say before I go, to beat procrastination tar black and blueberry blue you need to think “What is there that I need to do that I complete immediately?” then you make a list and get it done. My Dad said to me only the other day, “If you can do what needs to be done tomorrow today, its better, more productive,” and I have to agree.

Have you tackled mountains of your mixed up possessions too? What about procrastination? Do you have any tips you can share with us?

Thanks for visiting and reading, cheers!


5 Responses to “Organization and procrastination”

  1. I find that it’s so much easier to STAY organized than it is to GET organized. By that I mean that procrastination is not your friend when trying to keep your life in order. When things start to pile up, they look so daunting that it’s easier to ignore them than to tackle them. I find it’s always easier to face a small job than a large one.

    • Maybe it’s because the change to be organize is initially difficult and then you eventually get used to it then is like a piece of cake, a delicious chocolate one too. Procrastination is one big ugly monster that’s really good at getting what it wants, not an easy one to slay. I know right? I just leave some things down until it all comes falling on my head, so to speak. Thank you, Lorna.


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