August Camp NaNo Week Two Update

by quillwielder

We are now two weeks into the August Camp. How’s everyone doing?

Are you staying strong or fizzling out?

Week two can be the hardest week for your nano because it’s the time when the highs of week one end and you realise you might not have as much time as you thought.

I’m feeling a bit this way at the moment. I’ve just come out the other side of a horrible flu and bow when I try to write I’ve been finding it difficult to stay focused and be interested until my story.

I’m hoping it passes soon if I keep pushing through.

So how was week two for you?


2 Comments to “August Camp NaNo Week Two Update”

  1. My word count broke 30K yesterday. My NaNo is flying by! Good luck!

  2. It’s been great for me so far! (I’d comment more, but I haven’t hit my word count yet for today.)

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