Now’s Not The Time For Crying… That Comes Later.

by 'Ard Pete

Ladies and gentleman, your fearless Assistant Editor, Pierre Von Howorthstein; is taking a break from this world. And by this world I mean blogging, not the actual world as I’m not an astronaut.

Times have been tough as of late as you will know if you actually read my personal blog and I have some busy shit to do in the coming weeks, Leeds Festival/Wedding(don’t worry ladies, not mine)/Job/Possible Moving so it’s looking like it’s going to be a busy few weeks and I won’t be able to keep up blogging.

I have been blogging constantly for over a year now so I think I’m entitled to this break, it’s good for the soul and hopefully I can recharge my batteries, edit my novel, become a millionaire, take you all out for a pint.

While your favourite Assistant Editor is away I shall be leaving you in the capable hands of Jimmy and the others who will no doubt entertain you and amaze you. (If they don’t you let me know!)

Also worry not, I’ll still be around to judge the competition so keep those bribes rolling in.

See you all in September xXx


6 Comments to “Now’s Not The Time For Crying… That Comes Later.”

  1. Glad to know I’m not the only one on a break. Enjoy your mid-summer holiday!

  2. Enjoy your break and time off …!!!!
    Isa ~~~ : – )

  3. “See you in September…” Wasn’t that a song title? If not, it should be. Hasta la vista!

  4. Have a good break! By the way, you’d make a decent red head, I dare you to dye your hair flaming red 😛

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