Rest In Peace Tony Scott

by darkjade68

Rest In Peace Tony Scott

A Very Good Director Killed himself last night, at the age of 68.

This upset me for a lot of reasons…

One of the first thoughts that came to my mind was his Brother Ridley Scott.

Maybe it’s because I have a Brother that I’m only 15 Months Older than, and we’re Extremely Close… I’ve always said, Closer than Twins.

Tony was a Cool and Interesting Director… And he and his Brother Ridley had a Production Company Together, called Scott Free Productions.

But before I go any further, I should probably give you an Idea of who these two guys are Professionally, in case you’re not familiar with their work.

Tony Scott (Director)

Top Gun (1986)

Days of Thunder (1990)

Spy Game (2001)

Unstoppable (2010)

And these are just a few…

Ridley Scott (Director)

Alien (1979)

Blade Runner (1982)

Gladiator (2000)

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Prometheus (2012)

And Many, Many More.

Granted, Ridley has had a bit more success, but both have had success with their Films.

Scott Free Productions (And Here’s Some Things They’ve Produced Together)

The Good Wife (2009-2012) Television Series

Black Hawk Down (2001)

Prometheus (2012)

American Gangster (2007)

The truth is, it’s never easy to hear that someone has taken their self out… In fact, it’s basically impossible to wrap your mind around it.

The things that ran through my head were “Oh man, his Brother…” I’m assuming they’re very Close… And “Oh wow, his Films are so Cool…” and… “What makes someone want to kill themselves…” and then “Did he lose a woman? Like a divorce, or did a woman in his life pass away?” or “Did he find out that he had a life threatening disease, and decided to end his life, as opposed to going through the disease…” Or “Was he always depressed, and something pushed him over the edge?”

Like I say, there’s no way of knowing… Not really. Though I guess he did leave a Suicide Note in his office… I’m not sure we the general public will ever hear what that actually said though.

And in a certain way, does it really matter? The fact is we lost a human being… We lost an Artist… And we lost any projects he might have done or been part of in the future…

And more than that, Ridley lost a Brother… Which like I say, hit me the hardest about all of this.

The other link is both my brother and I used to work on films together, until he just didn’t have the time to, and I shifted into screenplay writing.

But at the moment, I’m Writing, and looking to start doing some YouTube Video Productions, because I miss Film Making… And he’s been Acting in a lot of Shakespeare Plays… And, in the middle of all of this, his 17 year marriage is about to break… Again.

So when I heard about Tony, it hit me in many many ways…

But more than anything else I only have this to say…

Live Life The Way That You Want To Live It!! Spend Your Time Around Those That Truly Appreciate You…

Follow, And/Or Chase Your Dreams… Don’t Waste Any More Moments On Things Or People That Bring You Unhappiness Than You Need To.

I’ve Been Pursuing My Dreams for 12+ Years now, and I have to tell you, Do It!

Nuff Said

Rest In Peace Tony…

Hang In There Ridley, and All Those That Loved Him


Los Angeles Times Article

IMDB Profile


14 Comments to “Rest In Peace Tony Scott”

  1. I appreciate the personal element you wove in this piece on Tony Scott. My dad killed himself and what struck me most today was that some Hollywood hot shot killed himself very publicly and the media is all over it. People are mourning his loss like he was their best friend. I didn’t know anything about him but wondered if he was any better a person than my dad who died anonymously and alone.

    I was actually kind of angry. Your piece helped me “off the ledge” as it were.

    Suicide is never painless. I just marvel at how the public mourns strangers so profoundly–but he wasn’t a stranger to everyone, I suppose…

    Sorry, I had to vent a little. 😐

    • Films touch people in a visceral way… There’s no two ways about it… I don’t think they’re mourning the man, I think they’re mourning the connection that they felt from his Films… Only those that know him personally are mourning the man… Keep in mind, “The Media” is the Monster here… Not the people that are sad to see his loss…

      Also, though there are some “Stars” that aren’t all that great, a lot of them are just people… And it’s the Media that Sucks off them like a Vampire to Create Money Etc…. Nuff said about that, I have issues with Media, not Stars or Fans, but that’s just me.

      As far as you losing your Dad that way, well that’s just Staggering… I can’t begin to Imagine what that must feel like… The ultimate Abandonment for one… Kids (young or old) tend to blame their selves for things that happen in regards to their parents…

      The reality is, we’re each given a life, and what we do with it, we do with it… And what we can handle, we can handle…

      I don’t know much about Suicide, other than I would imagine that a large portion of them have to do with “Chemical” Imbalances… A bunch may have to do with “Depression”… And the others, I have no idea.

      One thing you should realize about Anger, is it’s a healthy thing… Anger gets the short end of the stick, because it is “Loud”, and it often has connected to “Violence”, in one form or another… But, Anger is an emotion, just like any other emotion, and to disregard it, or just tuck it away, or ignore it, is generally not a good thing.

      Violence isn’t good… But Violence and Anger are two different things.

      I grew up not being a very Angry Guy, but when I went through some Trauma back in 2003, I had waves of Anger come up, and I didn’t know how to deal with it emotionally, as I had never really been an angry guy.

      So I did some research, and what I found out about Anger is it generally stems from a Need…

      So when Anger comes up, it recommended that you take a moment, and try to determine what it is you need in that moment…

      Do you need a hug? Or do you need to separate yourself from a particular conversation, and/or leave the room… Do you need rest? Do you need Food?

      I started to approach it this way, and I found that once I 1) determined what it was I needed in that moment, it generally began to subside… And if I actually listened to this need, it worked even better. Now I’m not a psychologist by any means, but I do believe that “Anger” is one of the most misunderstood of the emotions… People are afraid of it… And understandably so.

      But there are also other things that cause it, like chemical imbalances, or frankly, mental illnesses. Etc.

      Nuff Said, I’m glad this Article meant something to you

      I’m pretty bummed about losing him as an Artist, but I’m a Film Maker, and a Fan of his Films… He inspired me, and not everyone does… So for me, it’s like one more star (like stars in space) was plucked out of the sky.

      Yes there’s a lot more inspiring people out there, but it still hurts to lose one

      For the record, I’m a Huge Ridley Scott Fan… But I also liked Tony Scott’s work, and Loved the fact that the Two Brothers worked together to Produce Great Work


      • Thanks for sharing all of that, DJ. You’re right about anger. It’s the emotion I deal with the least effectively in myself and others.

        My dad killed himself when I was 4 and was never told until I was about 11. I have a lot of complicated feelings surrounding his death and that it was such a well-kept secret. The theme of my memoir centers around that very thing.

        I don’t blame myself for his death, but I have one memory of him becoming very angry and saying he was going to shoot something. In my little-girl self (which is always with me), bad things happen when people get angry, so I spent a life a smoothing things over so people wouldn’t get angry. And, of course, repressing any anger in myself for fear that I might do something bad.

        You’re right about the media being the vampire-ish and the loss of a talented person being something that, of course, people would grieve.

        I was just surprised at how visceral my reaction was when I saw that his suicide was the lead story on the news this morning.

        But don’t worry about me. I’m over it. I worked it out. Thanks for taking the time to write such a thoughtful and compassionate response.


    • Also, many People who mourn “Stars” sadly do just seem to be Kissing someone’s Asses… So in some cases, you’re right… Acting like he is their best friend is a bit much… But often people “Over React” to get attention on their selves, sadly.

      Oh well, Low Self Esteem Strikes again, Lol


  2. Word is he had inoperable brain cancer. If that’s true, I suppose if he decided to end things himself before the right to die on his terms was taken away by that illness. All supposition of course, but perhaps it was a question of whether or not he wanted to be locked in his body as it failed all around him.

    A few other sites too, but this is probably the most creditable of the ones.

  3. ^And in answer to some of things you raise in your post, perhaps he also wanted to spare his loved ones from watching him die slowly.

    • There’s a chance that, that is the case as well… I was just hoping he didn’t do it because of the loss of a romantic partner… Inoperable cancer is a total different story.

      Thanks again


  4. Suicide is taking the easy way out, none of us know why he did it and perhaps never will, I feel sorry for his family, they’re the real victims.

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