Cars in my life.

by Harry

I started to drive at the age of 18 way back in 1963 and i have had quite a few cars, so i thought i would tell you about them and let you see the photos.

Ford Anglia

Photo from Yahoo photos.

The fist one was a Ford Anglia which i had for about six months, it had faulty steering, rusting body work, the rain came in, the locks did not work, it ended up as a stock car.

Ford Popuar

Photo from Yahoo photos.

Same car different name, boy could it fly, i ended up one night with seven or  eight men in the car after the pub we were going to the dance, we were stopped by the police, he said drive carefully and let us go, i was lucky.

Ford Popular

Photo from

A good car with plenty of room but cold, i crashed it into a wall and it was a write off, i had it for about six months

Morris Minor

Photo from

Very reliable car never let me down, in its day it was one of the most popular cars on the roads.

Austin Mini

This mini was the most popular car and they were very fast and sturdy for cornering and its making a great come back in a different shape.

Rover 90
The Rover only cost me £ 50 and i loved, it the inside was lovely  the craftmanship was great. Sadly i was blown to pieces in a bomb in a car park in Belfast, the bomb was in a car two from mine.

Ford Sierra Sapphire

Ford Sierra Sapphire another great car to drive i kept this for about four years.

Rover Estate

nearly new cars

Another Rover, reliable roomy, great for work. I had this one for about fours years as well,

Renault Scenic

This is my present day car and the most reliable car i have ever had it has caused me no problems so far and i already have it nearly seven years.

I have just spent £ 400.00 getting a new chain put in the engine so its good for another six or  seven years.


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