Music Wednesday: Dark Waltz by Haley Westenra (plus the Jackie Evancho version)

by Devina

Listen to it. Seriously. Did you hear her? Did you? Haley’s voice rang so clear accompanied by the haunting violin. I had shivers running through me the first time I heard her version of the Dark Waltz. Chillingly beautiful. Soothing. Strangely nostalgic. Magical. Dark.

Whenever I hear this I’m taken back in time to a younger Ireland (I like Ireland, though I’ve never been there). To a forest with a waterfall in the midst and a wooden bridge nearby. It was dawn, there was green everywhere wild flowers roamed and grew with gleeful abandon and the place was teeming with animal life. It was a little world of magic (I like magic too) and more so of mystery. The unknown lurked at every corner, daring you to come closer.

On the bridge I see a young man, most his features hidden by locks of his dark hair that fell across his face as he leaned over the violin. He cradled it with such tenderness and stroked the strings with the bow with slow but sure, back and forth. From it spilled the music that quelled my restlessness.

A young woman, dressed in a modest robin blue gown stepped out from the shade of a tree, the gentle wind sent tendrils of her long chestnut hair flying. She began to sing. Her voice was Hayley’s. She was pretty, not that drop-me-dead-gorgeous looks actresses and models have, she was simply pretty and the dark eyes glittered as if she knew a secret, there’s a look in them that hinted of hidden knowledge.

He looked up to her, a smile on his handsome face, just barely a trace of the boy he was lingered there, with adoration in his eyes. Her song and his violin made beautiful music, so much so the birds stopped in mid flight to settle on the nearest branch to listen. They were surrounded by the earth, the wind, water and the fire burning in their souls. The scene was so intimate I felt like an intruder in their in their hideaway little world, a place where they alone could be.

The first time I heard Hayley sing she was singing her rendition of Danny Boy, my favourite song to date.

This is Jackie Evancho’s version of Dark Waltz:

For a twelve year old, I say she’s bloody brilliant! She’s a much deeper, richer, more controlled voice that Haley’s who seems to sing with almost not effort at all, her voice to me sounds more clear and sharp. If I had to choose between the two, it would be difficult but I suppose I’ll go for Hayley.

I hope to keep up with Music Wednesdays, where every week I’ll talk about my favourite songs as well as the ones I detest. I hope you enjoyed this week’s pick.


3 Responses to “Music Wednesday: Dark Waltz by Haley Westenra (plus the Jackie Evancho version)”

  1. I think Jackie was 10 here. No comparison to me; Jackie sings with much more emotion and touchs people’s souls.


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