“Peter’s Song” Video I Did For My Friend Kymlee’s Song

by darkjade68

“Peter’s Song” Video I Did For My Friend Kymlee’s Song

Back in June I Started A Video Vlogging/Video Project Blog Called “Dark’s Media Empire“…

Since Then I’ve Done Several Vlogs, Some Comical, Some Not…

Also Posting Content on the Site Is My Friend Kymlee, and ‘Ace’ Pete, who most of you probably know by now.

Here’s A List of The Content Categories We’ve Posted so far



In July I was exposed to a Song Kymlee did on an older Album, and I Really Liked it…

I then put together some of the Footage from My Short Film “If Not Now…“, blended with some other footage I had from 2000 and 2002, and Created a Video for the Song.

I hope you Enjoy it

“Peter’s Song” – by Kymlee


6 Comments to ““Peter’s Song” Video I Did For My Friend Kymlee’s Song”

  1. That was impressive. You are very talented, and Kymlee has an amazing voice.

    • Thanks Pdk… It was my Dream to be a Film Maker, pursued it a few years back in 2000-2003, then shifted to Writing… But I do still love doing it… Even though this Footage is from back then, just Editing it together to make a Video was a blast… Editing is one of My Favorite things… Something I determined Editing My Short Film all night some 12 years ago.

      Appreciate your Comment, and totally agree with you about Kymlee’s Voice. The song was definitely the Inspiration of the Editing Blend I did.


  2. In total agreement with Patrick’s comment.

    Anna :o]

  3. Thanks to James for being awesome at everything! and thanks for everyone who listened, this is my older music, and it was really cool to see it used in a new way ❤

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