Dark Globe Site Pages Updated… Thank You To The Dark Globe Readers & Crew

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Site Pages Updated

As Per Usual, I Tend To Fall a Bit Behind on Updating Our Site Pages During Contest Months…

My Apologies to Both Our Dark Globe Contributing Artists, and to Our Readers

That Said, I just updated the Last Month Worth of Posts, and Have Placed The Links in the Appropriate Pages.

It’s Important to me that During Our Contests Our Site Contributor’s Posts don’t get lost Amongst the Many Contest Related Posts…

That Said, Here’s what our Contributors have been up to during the last Month or so…



And Here’s a Song for you to listen to if you like, while you scroll through it all… They/We have been busy



Book Reviews;

Darkfever (Fever #1) by Karen Marie Moning – by Devina

Series Review: The Luxe Series by Anna Godbersen – by Shannon

Book Review: Anansi Boys – by Shannon

Book Review: Wake – by Quill Wielder



Film And TV Reviews;

Movie Review: Savages – by Paige Addams

Five Films To Watch In The Next Year – by ‘Ace’ Pete


August Camp NaNo WriMo;

August Week Three Update! – by Quill Wielder

August Camp Nano Week Two Update – by Quill Wielder

August Camp Nano Challenge – by Quill Wielder

Week One: August Camp Nano Update – by Quill Wielder

August Camp Nano – by Quill Wielder



Poetry & Stories;

Summer Time Is Here – by Devina

Poem: A Cloud – by Harry

Sarah – by Pdk

Tragic Transfiction – by Devina

The Promise – by Pdk


Dark Globe Editorials;

SIXTEENTH EDITION – The Dark Globe Editorial – Knowing Your Audience 

FIFTEENTH EDITION – Dark Globe Editorial – Family… My Brother’s Coming To Town



The Writer’s Voice;

Stepping Stones – by Pdk

Cars In My Life – by Harry

Mars – by DarkJade

Rest In Peace Tony Scott – by DarkJade

Things I Need To Remember About Book Blogging – by Devina

Laughter Is The Best Medicine – by Pdk

What Is Young Adult (YA) Fiction? – by DarkJade

Help! I Need Somebody. Help! Not Just Anybody. Hel…ell…elp! – by Lorna

My Brother Caught The S.F. Giants Vs Washington Nationals Today – by DarkJade

Lessons – by Pdk

Now’s Not The Time For Crying… That Comes Later – by ‘Ace’ Pete

“I Died Once” Novella Promo Video – by DarkJade

Street Smart Vs Book Smart: The Art Of The Backhanded Compliment – by Shannon

Organization And Procrastination – by Devina

An Excellent Travel/Food Video… Gotta Love The Internet – by DarkJade

Not Enough Social Posting In Your Life? – by DarkJade

Embarking Upon A New Life – by The Maze

Greatest Hits #5 – by ‘Ace’ Pete

What’s This World Coming To – by Devina

Messen With The Dark Globe Forum – The Dark Domain – by DarkJade

The Dark Globe – Just Chillen – by DarkJade

Ebook Piracy, And Why Authors Should Embrace It, Rather Than Hate It – by Michael Cargill

San Francisco to Salzburg… Inspired By A Friend – by DarkJade

Cherish Every Day – by Devina

Making Sense Of It All – Pdk

Extremely Saddened by Colorado Shooting – by DarkJade



“Peter’s Song” Video I Did For My Friend Kymlee’s Song – by DarkJade

Music Wednesday: Dark Waltz by Haley Westenra (Plus The Jackie Evancho Version) – by Davina

Gotye – Somebodies: A YouTube Orchestra – by DarkJade

A Trip A$$ Song And Video – by DarkJade

Gotye… Using Technology In Music – by DarkJade


West Coast Yankee Fan;

West Coast Yankee Fan – Yankees Struggle At Bat – by DarkJade


Featured Work;

Featured Blog Series (August) – Allure – by DarkJade

Featured Novel (July) – July Featured Novel: Djinnby Quill Wielder






by Jeremy

Paper Clips

by Jeremy

“Manang” Vicotoria

by Mark

HDR Project 004

by James Gordo

Chasing Lightning

by Mark

Photos From My Brother’s Cell Phone

by DarkJade

HDR Project 003

by James Gordo

HDR Project 002

by James Gordo

On The Wire

by Devina



Batman – Shark Repellent Batspray?? Really?? Lol – by DarkJade



Our Health – Strokes – by Pdk



Thank You To Our Many Contributors… Your Efforts Are Extremely Evident

And Thank You Followers For Checking Them Out

Nuff Said, I Now Return You To Your Normal Blog Programming



7 Comments to “Dark Globe Site Pages Updated… Thank You To The Dark Globe Readers & Crew”

  1. Busy is, as busy does.

    Top work by the Dark Globers, this month.

  2. Golly, these kinds of posts must take forever to put together! Well done, DJ!

    • Easier than you think… It does take a bit of effort, but you don’t have to do it Link by Link… What takes time is Updating the Pages, that took some time, and I was a Month Behind… But after that, you’re actually able to go to one of the Pages, and Copy And Paste The Links Listed right onto this Post… I don’t know how I figured that out, but I did, Lol

      Anyway, it does take some Effort, but our Contributors Pour so much Material onto the Sight, and I want to make sure they know I Appreciate it.

      Thanks Lorna


  3. Pretty sure I wrote “Greatest Hits #5” 😛

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