Music Wednesday: You win again by The Bee Gees

by Devina

It was either on the BBC or the Bio Channel that I first heard this song of the Brothers Gibb, or it could be on both. I simply loved it! There are some songs that instantly transport you to another time, in this case the 80s, You win again is definitely on of them.

The beats were perfect to me. They lyrics were great. From what I understand, the woman was using the man for her own ends maybe just as a temporary toy or perhaps the charm of the relationship was faded to her. But he (Barry) believes their love is one of the greatest and he’ll do what ever he must to get them back together. He loves her so much he overlooks the fact that she was ‘using’ him and still tries to win back her love.

My uncle, my dad and I adore these guys. It was only the other night my uncle and I were singing along to one of their albums in the car with the cool night wind like a blanket around us while Robin’s Massachusetts was blasting over the stereo. One my best night time drives.

Randomly I’d listen to this over and over again, like today and I’ll go again probably in a couple of days, it’s not a song I’ll easily tire of. Today I was lip syncing it to my sisters, I knew most of the lyrics. They just stared at me and then erupted in a fit of giggles, apparently Barry’s voice didn’t suit me well!

The is the official music video.

Awesomeness. I think Barry should have rocked that pony tail more often.

The Bee Gees are immortal, they’re amongst the best of the best, they deserve all of those titles. It was one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen; to see three brothers get along so well, coming together and making beautiful music, my heart bursts in joy just looking at them there. There might have been little or considerable bickering between them but obviously nothing very serious because they all stuck together (until the decided to strike out one their own). If there were any problems, I didn’t hear of them. Maurice, Barry and Robin had always seemed to happy beside each other, in complete harmony. I loved that.

It was some months before when I discovered Robin and Maurice to be twins, I was surprised. Barry’s the last of the Bee Gees left and I cannot imagine what it must be like to go on living when they’ve all gone, and they were all so close. I’m grateful that I was born during a time where they all were still alive.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Music Wednesday. Next week if I don’t change my mind, I plan on ranting  discussing on the mistake that was George Michael’s “Father figure”.



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