Quicksand – Dealing With The Economy

by darkjade68

Quicksand – Dealing With The Economy

At the moment I’ve been staying with My Mom and Her Boyfriend of 30 years, who is also an Architect that I do some Admin/Marketing Consulting for.

But I have to say, during the last year and a half, the Economy has not been all that kind to them.

Of course, this is the case for probably over 60% of the U.S. (that’s just an off the hip guesstimate), so we are indeed not alone.

None the less, being in the middle of their situation, and watching my Mom slowly come to the realization that she may have to let go of her home of 37 years, has been quite difficult.

Really My Mom’s Boyfriend and I basically have to sit back and let her make the decisions, as she’s hardly able to discuss much about it, as it’s just to hard/painful for her I believe.

But it has been hard to watch…

My Eldest Sister on the other hand, who gave up on looking for work for a while, because the Salaries that were being offered were maybe half what she used to be paid…

Fortunately enough time has gone by, and she finally started looking, and got a 3 days a week job, which is fine for now. She’s an Accountant, which I feel is always a good Profession to be in… I’ve always been good at math, BUT I’D GO MAD!! BEING AN ACCOUNTANT!! Lol

But I am happy for her that she is one in these difficult times.

My Mom’s Boyfriend is a Brilliant Architect, and I always hate him not working… I feel like every moment he’s not working, another Brilliant Project could be being Designed and Built… He does Residents for the most part.

But enough about me…

How Has The Economy Affected You?

Have you had to sit back and watch People You Love Go Under?

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening



2 Comments to “Quicksand – Dealing With The Economy”

  1. In my case, I’m watching the storm of hurting relatives heading my way.

    Bad decisions on both sides of our families will likely affect us at some point in the future. Frustrating.

    As for watching others struggle . . . got plenty of that as well. We’re not doing bad (other than working longer than I had planned), but there is a measure of guilt at not hurting too badly.

    • Don’t believe in Guilt… Many of My Family Members deal with Guilt, due to their background I guess… Don’t feel Guilty, I’m glad things are alright for yah

      Good Luck with your Family’s Stuff


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