One Lovely Blog Award

by darkjade68

One Lovely Blog Award

I’d Like to Thank The Marnray for Awarding “The Dark Globe” with the “One Lovely Blog Award.”






The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
  • Share 7 things about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 bloggers you absolutely relish.
  • Leave a comment on each of these blogs letting them know they’ve been nominated.

Because We are a Blog/Site with 15 Different Contributors, we will not be Passing this Award on, nor will I List 7 Things About Myself… However, I Will List 7 Things About The Dark Globe.

1) Our Blog Will Turn 1 Year Old On October 29th (Here’s Our First Ever Post)

2) Our Blog Has 324 Followers, +334 Facebook Followers

3) Our Site Has Had 81,578 Views

4) Our Site Has Been Visited By 169 Different Countries (Since Feb 25th, 2012, which I believe is when WP started to track it)

5) Our Highest Viewed Day Was 1,052 Views (Our Average Overall Is More Like 340 Per Day)

6) We Have Great Followers (Stating The Obvious Here Right? Lol)

7) We Have Great Contributors (Whom Without The Dark Globe Would Not Exist)

Dark Globe Senior Writer/Assistant Editor – Quill (Laura Pfundt); I came across Quill just prior to Creating The Dark Globe at The Quill Wielder Site. From what I could see on her site, she was a very Talented and Spirited Writer, and would make a good addition to our Crew. I was right. Quill has ended up being one of the Driving Forces Behind The Dark Globe’s Success. She was made a Senior Writer in December, 2011, and an Assistant Editor in April, 2012.

She also has an Author Site for her novels: Laura Pfundt. This is a place for her to write about her journey to becoming a published author.

Dark Globe Senior Writer – Pdk (Patrick Dykie); This is the Second Blog that Pdk has Worked with me on, he was also one of my Writers over on my One Knight Site (Back When That Site Was Active). I Orginally Found Him on his Site Simple Observations. Pdk is a very, very, Strong Writer. Just about anything he Writes, is worth taking a look at. Pdk made Huge Contributions towards getting The Dark Globe Off The Ground, with an Assortment of different Types of Writing, and was also made a Senior Writer in December, 2011.

Dark Globe Senior Writer/Assistant Editor – Pete “Ace” Howorth; Well, come on, we all know Pete, Right? Pete is a Writer I’ve also worked with, as he was also one of my One Knight Site Writers. Pete is most Renowned for his Blog Evolution of Insanity, the Day to Day Life of the More than Common Man, lol. He also flexed his Creative Writing Muscles with his One Knight Site Contributions, Insanity’s Ascension. And then went on to Create His The Writing Asylum. Pete was also made a Senior Writer in December, and later was made one of our Assistant Editors. He also walked away with One of the Three Best Blogger of The Year Awards, in our Dark Globe Inaugural Outstanding Artist Awards. Around here we call him “Ace”, as he is surely an Ace up the sleeve of The Dark Globe.

Dark Globe Senior Photographer – Mark (Jonah Mark Cubil Avila); Mark is a Great Photographer I found over at Mark – Photoblog. He has made Great Contributions to The Dark Globe, and was made a Senior Photographer for the Site in January, 2012. If you haven’t checked out his Site, do.

Dark Globe Senior Photographer/Writer/Assistant Editor – Kirsty; We Just Brought on Kirsty from La Plume Noire, and I couldn’t be Happier. Kirsty’s Blog is one of My Favorites, and has been since I started Blogging Back in The Middle of August, 2011. She Inspires me Greatly with Both Her Photography, and Lust For Travel. I Brought Kirsty on as a Senior Photographer/Writer, as I felt Everything about Her and Her Site Rings of Professionalism, and I am Thrilled to have her with us. She was Quickly made an Assistant Editor, and Also was The Winner of 2011′s Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Photographer of The Year, and now Contributes Greatly to the Overall Look of the Site, Including our Contest Award Badges.

Dark Globe Senior Writer – VeeCirra – Vee has made a Wonderful Addition to Our Dark Globe Crew, and was made a Senior Writer very Quickly. You can Read More of Vee’s Work @ her VeehCirra Site.

Dark Globe Senior Writer – Shannon – I found Shannon on Her Site Isle of Books after she Followed The Dark Globe… Literature is her thing, and I thought Her Book Reviews would be a Great Thing to Add to Our Site, and I was right. Shannon does a Brilliant Job on Writing Book Reviews for our site. She’s Also a Senior Writer for the Site, and now Writes more than just Book Reviews. Gratz Shannon


Dark Globe Writer – Maze – Maze inquired about Writing/Posting for the Site, and after looking at his Blog Over The Maze, and has added a nice Flare to our Group of Writers and Photographers. Glad to have em.
Dark Globe Writer – Harry – I’d Like to Welcome Harry from Dribbligpensioner, who will be adding a bit of Humor to The Dark Globe. Harry was One of The Three Winners of  2011′s Dark Globe Outstanding Artist Award Blogger of The Year.

Dark Globe Writer – Devina – Devina is one of Our Newest Dark Globe Writers, and has done a Great Job. You can read More of her Personal Stuff @ Hot Chocolate and Books

Dark Globe Photographer – Jeremy – Jeremy at A Boy With Shoes liked The Dark Globe, and was interested in being one of Our Photographers/Crew… Since We Brought Him Into The Crew, He’s Offered Up some Excellent Work.

Dark Globe Photographer – Heyes – Heyes has brought some Wonderful Photos to our site. You can check more of his work @ his Heyes Photo Site.

Dark Globe Photograph – James Gordo – James Gordo at Freak Einstein,Was One of our Gold Metal Winning Photographers in our February Shoot Off! Photography Contest, and shortly after Joined Our Crew.





Dark Globe Writer – Paige Addams –Paige Addams at Paige Addams went from a Great Follower of both “The Dark Globe”, and my “The Written Word” Blog, to being a Great Addition to Our Writing Staff.

Dark Globe Senior Editor/Senior Writer/Site Creator – DarkJade;

DarkJade Created his First Blog The Written Word back on August 18th, 2011. He Created The Written Word with the Notion of getting himself in the habit of Writing on a Daily Basis, as well as getting feedback from Readers, in hopes to get some Perspective on how his Writing was being Received. DarkJade Created The Dark Globe Site/Blog as a place to Stretch his Journalist Wings, as well as Creating a Place for Multiple Artists/Writers/Photographers to come together on one Site and Post. To learn more about DarkJade, you can also read About The Author on his Personal Creative Writing Blog, The Written Word.*

*Additional Blogs by DarkJade One KnightDark XperienceWhite Jade and his Newest Sites James Patrick Mahoney (His Author’s Blog) & Dark’s Media Empire

This Blog Belongs To All Of You Contributors



8 Comments to “One Lovely Blog Award”

  1. So deserved, a top quality blog with so much to read and see.. keep it up..;)

  2. Congratulations … a blog with so many talented and
    dedicated bloggers deserves this award and more.
    Keep up the outstanding work.

  3. Congrats of you, DJ and to the entire gang!

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