Panoramic Sunset

by James Gordo

I have been seeing a lot of great sunset images for the past days in which gives me an idea to try some landscape shots. I am not really fond on shooting with landscapes because I have been more exposed on portrait photography. During the last moments on our acquaintance party, I manage to capture this great image. At first I tried to shoot only one image,however, I was not happy with the result. So I tried to capture it by panorama. It may be not that perfect for my first attempt to landscape photography,somehow I don’t know for what reason but I love the result. I forgot the waves which made this image a little bit distorted when I stitched this image. This panoramic image is composed of 7 stitched photos.

Epic Sunset


10 Comments to “Panoramic Sunset”

  1. Definitely a huge YES! I love this!

  2. The sky looks like a flame. Amazing!

  3. At first I thought that the colours were too concentrated and with the blue and the yellow dominating it I though that the contrast was too sharp as well. But I sat and thought about it, a smart thing to do. The strong colours brought out something more to the scene and I can imagine how I would feel if I were there with the sand between my toes. Serene and gentle breeze with seagulls crying in the distance were what cam to mind. I love it!

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