by James Gordo

So, your maybe wondering about this post which is actually out of my usual topic that I post here which are my photography stuffs. I’m just really astonished by this video when I first saw this one in which I think would be cool if I will share this with you. I’m an not a K-Pop fanatic somehow, but this one really got me! I usually listen to rock songs, and listen sometimes on RNB and Pop Music. I, myself is also a party people! LOL :D!  Published on Jul 15, 2012 by officialpsy and now being marked as #1 on the YouTube 100. It already reached 120,443,369 views and counting.

Park Jae-Sang(known as PSY) is a South Korean singer/songwriter. He is popular due to his sense of humor and unique concerts. He took his education in the United States, graduating from both Boston University and Berklee College of Music.

While I was browsing on my Facebook NewsFeed, I came across this funny image in which is really true to me. I’m sure you can relate with this after watching this AWESOME MUSIC VIDEO!


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