Let Them Lie

by 'Ard Pete

One good thing about being out of work is the ability to play as much video games as you want, sure you have all the other stuff to do, like look for a job. I have found a job, I currently have two agencies representing two big companies wanting to offer me a job, yet they are unable to give me a start date.

It’s been this way for a while now so while I also am looking elsewhere, I decided to do a bit of gaming. Of course without a job comes the inevitable debt from having no incoming money; luckily for me my bro bought Sleeping Dogs on PS3 last week, once he’d completed it he let me borrow it, that was pretty much my Sunday and today fully booked.

The title comes from the idiom, “Let sleeping dogs lie” which basically means leave things as they are as it could make things worse. Quite apt really considering the story.

You take control of the character Wei Shen, originally from Hong Kong, moved to the states when he was 10, grew up and became a police officer; he was transferred back to Hong Kong to work undercover for the Triads, to gain their trust and eventually take down the big bosses.

Starting off as an outsider you convince a childhood friend to help you out then you have to complete missions to earn the trust of those around you.

As you progress, the higher up the chain you go though not always by choice.

There are two sides to the game, you have missions you need to complete for the gang you’re trying to infiltrate while at the same time are given the option of completing missions for the police though they are not relevant to the story it does give you something else to do if you want a break from the story.

The place you reside is based on Hong Kong, it still holds the name Hong Kong but it’s not an exact replica, it’s an open world game meaning it resembles the same playability as the much loved and loathed Grand Theft Auto series, created by Square Enix, the creators of Just Cause, another sandbox game.

As with most sandbox games once you complete the main story, you still have a variety things to do if you want to get to 100% like collecting things, finding things, completing side missions called “favours”, completing the police missions, street races, cock fights etc, etc.

I’ve heard complaints from other reviewers that the story wasn’t long enough and while it is true it’s not all that long, I was happy with the story that was told, overall it took me about 15 hours to complete the main story and that was with messing around with other missions; the main story is entertaining and once I got to the ending I was sad, shocked, angry, happy and satisfied. I’d call that a successful story.

Unlike GTA, you can’t just go around shooting as many people as possible, you’ll get guns when you need them for missions but the main aim is your fighting skills, the more missions you complete the more skill you accumulate and you can achieve new moves, plus you can go to gyms that are dotted around the city and learn new moves which trust me I say, will come in handy when you’re facing 10 men armed with knives.

And rather than killing cops that are chasing after you, you simply counter their attempt at arresting you and slap their own cuffs on their wrists, you are a cop after all.

One thing I did like is the ability to hijack a car, while you’re driving another car, just get close enough and you can leap from the car you’re driving onto the roof of the car you’re chasing who then pulls the driver out of the door and then hops into the driving seat. Also you can ram cars off of the road, if you have a cop car chasing after you or a rival gang, hit a button when close enough and you’ll slam into the car, slam it enough times and you’ll bust their engine.

Lastly, the city of Hong Kong, while it’s not as big as Liberty City, it’s still a beautiful, detailed city. I’ve been to the real Hong Kong, it felt dirty, gritty and sticky and that’s the feeling you get while running the streets in this game. While driving (on the left hand side of the road) around the town you can also listen to several radio stations, even Kerrang! which surprised me with a wide variety of music from well known bands in China and US/UK alike. The first song I heard was a Kasabian song! Also a plus in my book.

Overall rating for this game I think deserves an 8/10, while there isn’t anything really wrong with the game, the story could have been longer and I do miss not having guns when I damn well please. Plus the size is just a fraction compared to what GTA could produce years ago. But on the plus side, it had an excellent voice cast (Lucy Liu even stars), it still had a great story, it actually felt like you were in Hong Kong and I’d definitely recommend buying the game. No doubt there’s going to be some DLC for this game in the future and I may be persuaded into purchasing it.


2 Comments to “Let Them Lie”

  1. I’m not too far into it yet, but I love this game. 🙂

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