West Coast Yankee’s Fan – 20 Games Left

by darkjade68


Volume XXIV – 2012

20 Games Left… And The End Has Only Just Begun

Step 1) Know Thine Enemy…

Do Not Be Fooled by the Friendly Demeanor of This Orange Bird to your Right…

For it signifies our Greatest Foe at the Moment… The Team that in my opinion, is currently the Strongest Looking Team in the American League…

The Baltimore Orials.

And let me show you why…

Adam Jones to start… Nothing but Sheer Talent, both at the Bat, and in the Field… And he is Fast, Fast, Fast

Nate McLouth

Yeah, that guy they’re carrying… He’s a problem too. Several years back, he was one of the Pirate’s Greatest Players… Ok, so maybe that’s not saying too much, as back then, the Pirate’s weren’t all that good… But they did have a couple Strong Players, and he was one of them… I believe the dude used to hit over 300, and though he’s struggled since he left Pittsburgh, such as in Atlanta… With Baltimore, I think he may have found a New Home.

Mark Reynolds

Meet your Equivalent to Nate McLouth, but this guy came from the Diamondbacks….

I’ll say three things about McLouth and Reynolds… 1) Imense Talent 2) Power Hitters 3) They’re both playing to their potential right now, and that my friend, is a scary thing.

And The List goes on… Bottom Line, Baltimore has acquired a bunch of guys that have shown they have talent on other teams, but have also battled with consistency… Well, there’s a whole New Kind of Consistency going on in Baltimore right now, and it’s not the bad kind.

Their Pitching is also Very Strong.

Ok, enough about the ‘enemy’, Lol

Arod’s back… Hmm, even though the Red Sox First Basemen did his best to take him out last night at First Base… He did not succeed…

And Arod is doing even more than I had hoped for by returning to the Lineup… He’s not only Motivated the Troops, he’s also been hitting even better than he was when he went out with his last injury.

Welcome back Arod.

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson Hit Two Home Runs last night, and knocked in 5 RBIs a couple nights ago.

After a Long Slump, one of the two players that I feel can give us an edge in the Playoffs (The other being Robinson Cano) if they start Performing like they can Perform… Is starting to Perform.

Nuff Said

Andy Pettitte

Whose that Lurking in the Shadows… Could it be the Pitcher who returned to Baseball after Retiring for a Year… And came back so strong, that he Lifted Our Whole Pitching Staff to a Whole New Level?? Yes, though he’s been out for a long, long time this season with an injury, he is indeed working towards a return, and is in my Opinion the Final Piece, to Our Greatest Chance at an actual go against some really, really strong teams this year.

Looking forward to your Return Andy, hope your injury can hold up, at least through October.

Derek Jeter

And though Arod was able to Escape Injury last night, our Noble Captain, was not…

Derek was taken out of the game late in the game, with potentially an ankle sprain, or strain of a sort… He’s already been struggling a bit with some ankle issues, but whatever he’s been having going on, it just got a bit worse.

If I was the Manager, I’d probably sit him down for between 2 and 15 days… But knowing Jeter, he will do his best to wrap it up, and say ‘put me in coach’.

We shall see what Girardi decides.

Bottom Line for the Yanks, the Batting has started to pick up, coupled with ‘implementing’ the ‘small ball’ game (as opposed to relying  so heavily on the Home Run), gives us a chance in the Playoffs… However, these teams may have something to say about it… Baltimore, Tampa Bay, Texas, White Sox, Detroit, Oakland, and maybe even the Angels… And that’s only the American League, Lol

Yes, as I suspected about this Year, there are a Good 8 Plus Teams that have a Full Blown Chance for a World Series Victory…

In fact, there’s probably a Good 12 Teams that have a Chance at it… Phew… Good Luck Yanks, I’ll Be Watching just as many Games as are Shown On TV, Lol

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening

Yank’s Record So Far This Year – 80 Wins 62 Losses .563 Tied For First Place With Baltimore In Their Division

Team’s Batting Average So Far;

Jeter .324 – Like 2nd or 3rd Best Average In Baseball

Cano .300 – He’s been struggling a bit, but Hit a Homer last night

Inchiro .291 – A Great Veteran to have on board

Nunez .291 – Back from the Minors, he’s Fast, and a Good Hitter… Hopefully his Fielding has improved

Chavez .288 – One of My Favorite Players This Year, He’s Great when he plays… Which is less than I like

Arod .274 –  Like I say, he’s been doing really well since he’s come back

Swisher .261 – Is a Great Hitter and Fielder, but has really been battling with his mental game

Teixeira .255 – Struggling with injuries at the end of the year, not sure he’ll be back this year, but he helped us get to where we’re at… And his Fielding is Really Missed, even more than his Hitting which is also good

Dickerson .250 – Seems to be a good backup guy

Nix .245 – He’s helped us in a lot of ways

Granderson .235 – Like I say, he’s been showing signs of life

Ibanez .225 – He’s struggling a bit, but he isn’t played enough lately to keep ‘un’ rusty, Lol

Martin .209 – Has been heating up, as I hoped he might as we get towards the Playoffs

Jones – .204 Love Jones, but he needs to retire, He Can’t Field at all anymore, he doesn’t, or can’t run/move, or throw… And his hitting is just ok

Pearce .188 – He’s not bad as a backup First Basemen

McGehee .174 – Doesn’t play at a high enough level to be very impactive, Offensively, or Defensively


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