Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Rain Shall Fall

by darkjade68

Dark Globe Featured Poetry: Rain Shall Fall

As I’ve mentioned in the past, during the last year I’ve Written a lot of Poetry that I Post on My Creative Writing Blog “The Written Word“.

In January of this Year I Self Published My First Volume, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, but beyond that, I haven’t Self Published any of the other Volumes.

I’m currently on My 9th Volume.

The main reason for not Self Publishing the other Volumes has been that My Focus has been on My Novella “I Died Once“, which I just Self Published… And next will be My First Ever Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“.

However, truth be known, I really want to Self Publish the other Volumes of My Poetry, and when I finally start to get them Edited, I most likely will.

Within The Dark Globe I’ve Featured My Fist Two Poetry Volumes, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and “Dream Shift“.

This time I shall Feature a Few Poems from my Third Volume, “Rain Shall Fall“.

I Hope you Enjoy them.



Rain Shall Fall (Poetry) Jan-Mar, 2012

Dark Haired Girl

Dark Haired Girl

I Saw You in My Dreams…

I shouldn’t be surprised

The Way You Changed my life

I Dare Not Question Why…

When we were alone

It All Seemed okay

But Looking Back Now…

I Doubt You’d Ever Stayed

I Hope that you are well…

Your Pains…



I Try Not To Compare…

One Love to the Next

That Day Under The Stars

Photos Tell It Best…

I’m Not Sure Why You Came…

Looking at it now…

You Are Not The Same

Young Girl…

Dark Cloud




PHOTO CREDIT – Fantasy Girl




If this was you…

I wouldn’t mind

I’d let the Rain…

Fall Down my face

But this isn’t you…


The Black Waters…

Become Booted Footsteps

In my Mind

Your Glow… Your

Glowing Lights…

Seen Softly through this Night of Rain

They, Like you

Cast their Glow…

But it can only reach so far

And its Heat…

I do not know

Its Warmth…

I can not hold

I am still Alone

I’ll sit and wait…

Hands held to the sky

Rain in my Eyes

There must be more…

More Love to know


How I long so




PICTURE CREDIT – Rain Pictures


Light From Dark

Light From Dark

Like Blackened Wood…

Full of Green Light

The Splinters Strike my skin…

Time Slows

The Blackness is all around me…

But there is Light

I Have Not been here

It is… Unfamiliar

There is More to Life than we know…

Our day to day…

There is more

I stagger forth…

I hardly know

I have Lost People…

Greater than I Thought I’d ever know…

I have Loved Angels…

And Weeped in Storms…

Of Pitch Black, Wavy hair

The losses I’ve known…

The Losses

I know



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