“I Died Once”… The Other Side Of The Coin

by darkjade68

“I Died Once”… The Other Side Of The Coin

It’s funny, I’ve received several Reviews of My “I Died Once” Novella, but felt a bit funny Posting them on “The Dark Globe”, even know they’ve been good.

Self Promoting after all, is an essential, yet odd part of Self Publishing.

But my good ol friend Pete who asked me for a Copy of my Novella a week or so ago, seems to have broken the ice with his opinion of the book, definitely representing one side of what people think, or may think of the book.

In truth I’ve had about 6 Reviews of it so far, 3 of them Loved it, 1  of them Liked it, and 2 of them maybe didn’t like it all that much, like Pete here.

But in truth, I really didn’t think this book was for everyone.

But, seeing as how Pete has cracked open the Subject of Opinion on the Book, I’ve decided it’s probably in My Best Interest to share with you the other Reviews that People have Posted.

I’ll Go ahead and Post One that I was pretty Proud of on this Post, and 3 Links to others that have Reviewed it as well.

REVIEW: I Died Once

Before we begin I’d like to point out that in no way was I paid to write this review. James approached me and asked me if I would take the time to read his latest work and review it. I was honored and pleased to oblige.

James Mahoney has written a lovely and introspective look into the life of a seemingly lost young woman. Mady, merely fifteen years old, witnesses the murder of her mother which begins a series of events that leads her into the arms of her father. A most unexpected change occurs within her heart as she accepts her new life, while tormented by nightmares of an abusive step-father.

In true Novella form, James manages to sum up a story that could easily be expanded into a full blown 75,000 word novel. (What a read that would be!) As it is, he is to the point, giving the reader exactly what they need to know. There are opportunities for expanded dialogue, greater character arches and brilliant prose about the African landscape. Even so, the short and sweet look into Mady’s life leads the reader through mystery, intrigue, and wonder to full on redemption by the final chapter.

I found myself almost disgusted at Mady’s initial attitude, but my heart melted for her by the end of the first chapter. She is presented as hardened and dark from the very get, but her soft heart for a poor child breaks that darkness before it encompasses her. The action begins immediately and she is swept up in a frenzy of events that eventually lead her to explore a whole new world through new eyes. As her eyes open, the darkness recedes and a beautiful young woman is revealed.

The book is so quick that it could be read over a lunch break or for a night cap. One cup of coffee (or tea if that’s your thing) is all that’s needed for this fantastic story. For only six dollars you can own this beautiful tale in print. If e-books are what tickle your fancy you can find it for only three dollars for your kindle device. You simply must pick up this little treasure. The cover alone makes it stand out in brilliant color and its thin spine will fit perfectly on that annoying empty sliver on your bookshelf. (You know that one I’m talking about right? That little spot between Dune and Enders Game where no book could possibly fit? I hate that spot.)

You can find it on Amazon.com or on CreateSpace.com. You know, if you buy it from CreateSpace a tiny bit more of your money will line the pockets of this brilliant author at no extra expense to you. And who doesn’t want to support a brilliant author, right? I know I do. I’ll be ordering a hard bound copy for myself to fill that annoying little spot on my shelf. Then it will be perfect.

For more information about James and his work, check out his blog The Written Word

The Other Reviews;

Kymlee’s Review

I’m Blown Away… Figuratively, by Something Literary – by Lorna

Book Review: “I Died Once” – by Quill


4 Comments to ““I Died Once”… The Other Side Of The Coin”

  1. The beauty of having such a vast array of literature out there is that there is something for everyone. Wouldn’t it be a boring world if everyone was the same and liked the same thing?

    I know that when my book comes out, I’m going to want everyone to love it. Everyone won’t love it (I know one ex-husband who really won’t love it). And I’ll fret over the some that are “meh” on it and give them 100 times more energy than all the people who do love it. If it’s not human nature to do so, it’s sure my nature to do so.

    Continue promoting with confidence!

  2. I wouldn’t say I’m one of the two people that didn’t like it, I’d say I’m one of the two people that liked it; as I said, it wasn’t a bad offering especially for a first go but I felt there were certain areas that could have been improved upon even if you intended on keeping it short such as how people would react more realistically to certain events, a few areas that could have been expanded upon definitely. I could have boosted your ego but telling you it was perfect would be disrespecting you as a writer so I decided to be honest.

    If I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t have kept reading, I was still interested in what was going to happen, I have read things where I’ve gotten half way through and thought “What the hell am I reading?” This wasn’t one of them.

    “In true Novella form, James manages to sum up a story that could easily be expanded into a full blown 75,000 word novel.”

    I can only imagine the possibilities for this book if it was a full blown novel.

    Keep on rocking dude, I have infinite respect for you.

  3. Happy to see you liked my review! Keep writing. You’ll get bad reviews from time to time, but there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

    • Ah yeah, I don’t mind bad Reviews… I mean, we all might mind them to a degree, but it comes with the territory… I’ve had one worse than Pete’s… She just decided not to Post it. I think it just took me off guard getting one Posted on My Own Blog from one of My Crew, Lol

      And I don’t agree with either of the two not so great Reviews, which is to be expected… I wouldn’t be Self Publishing a Story I didn’t like myself.

      I shall survive, it just took me off guard, Lol

      So I figured I’d share the good one’s too… I hadn’t decided if I was going to Post any of My Reviews on the Dark Globe, as I’m already Posting them on two of my other Sites.

      But since one was Posted here, I kind of wanted to share the whole Picture with the Readers, which has been a Good one so far.

      Thanks for your Comment Terrii, and your Lovely Review


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