1974 Event (Music )

by cobbies69

21st September 2012

My story a day in 1974.

Firstly I lay out the basic. I play guitar and back in the iconic years of the 70’s I had formed my own Band called CyKlopps. Some of you might have seen a blog site of mine with the same name. We did mostly covers ranging from Chuck Berry and Bill Haley Rock and Roll. We continued with Creedence Clearwater Revival, Canned Heat, A little of Rod Stewart, Beatles, nad a couple from my favorite artist of all time Eric Clapton. We play Sunshine of Your Love, Crossroads, Spoonful to mention a few.

Anyway it became a time to upgrade my equipment, we had saved quite heavily to afford this new top of the range stuff. I was quite well in with gear shack in Christchurch, Dorset, UK. and over the next couple of weeks I gave him all the details of a new amp and maybe a new guitar. That depended on what they had in stock. A date had been arrange for collection.

This was my order, A Fender Twin Reverb, 100watts combo. It was one of the most powerful amps around, crystal clear to a variation of distorts. I asked for an addition to the standard amp, I wanted JBL speakers. Again at the time these had a very high rating of quality. When I got to the shop and into testing, in my element I was, I was now going to own one of the best combo amps of the time and be part of the elite owners. I had at the time several guitars, but the electric one I was interested in part exchanging was a Hayman all maple body and fret board. I twas a fabulous guitar but I was having itchy fingers for a Gibson..

   The picture is not the exact one I had but is pretty close likeness. I think it is a good looking guitar and with my adjustments and settings made it great guitar to play..

While talking to shop owner and glowing like a happy on speed. When suddenly our interaction was broken by the front door of the small barge open. I say barged because it made such a noise as if it was stuck and they had to force it open. In piled four guys. They were wheeling loads of old amplification and speakers.

“Hey guys can you bring the stuff around the back here, it seemed like ages before they stopped bringing in all this equipment. They all spoke a hello to me as they were busying themselves. Then a bummer hit me, I had struggled to get one of these Fender amps, just one for me, when they all piled out with four, plus lots of other bits and pieces, this I mean pedals control panels and PA system…

Although I was watching, actually quite quite up in the energy these guys were showing, I was still playing my guitar quietly, when one of them came up to me, introduced himself as ‘Tich’  you might know us from Dave Dee, Dozy Beaky, Mick and Tich fame. And of course i did they were or had been one of the famous British pop bands. ” The shop owner says you are looking to by a guitar, even though the one you got there looks good.” I said I was interested if I found some thing that took my fancy.. He then shouted ” Hey Mick bring us my guitar here.” He promptly took out a Gibson SG from his  case. Very similar to the one shown.

  He gave it to me and said try this out and if you like and want it is yours for £125.  Which I may say was a bargain at the time. He left the guitar with me and went on busying himself with loading his bits.

Half an hour or so he came back,,” Well what do you think?” I ask a rather silly question as why was he selling it.

We then went on to telling me a story that Dave Dee etc had now disbanded, well actually, he said Dave Dee went solo. Well we are starting afresh playing what we want and out with the old and in with the new. I then proceeded to say that I would take it  and the shop owner offered me a deal. He would buy my guitar for £65. and then all I had to find was £60 which was not a problem. That shop owner had made a sale that that day of a good £4 -5000, so he was a happy bunny. I

Tich invited me to go along to their gig in the evening, at a place called The Cat and Fiddle which I did. And during the evening he invited me up with them and we all jammed to a twelve bar rock and roll. ‘Johnny ‘B’ Goode’ A fabulous memory for me at the time. I mean CyKolpps were an up an coming band, but a year later we split. below is a picture of them as the full band. See if you know which one is which…

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, were a British pop/rock group of the 1960s.

Two of their single releases sold in excess of one million copies each,
and they reached Number One in the UK with the second of them, “The Legend of Xanadu”. Wikipedia

Gerry A / C 2012






2 Comments to “1974 Event (Music )”

  1. Brilliant post Gerry. I was sin the shop with you from your telling of your memory. I wondered why there were not stars coming out from your eyes when you first laid your hands on that Gibson It is a beauty and all maple? including the fret board tells me with craftsmanship of Gibson and the maple to the fret board you had a cherry piece.Even i know what that means.
    And a steal at the price. I loved this my friend. (don’t know why I did not get an alert, thanks for the heads up my friend)

    I have listened to Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich, and believe they have he original British Band sound thatt I fell in love with. Its a sound unique to the British Bands and although American music is just as much a treasure it does not have that certain sound..

    I so enjoyed this ~ BB

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