Dark Globe Editorial – Good Lord I Was Unfriended

by darkjade68


By DarkJade

Good Lord I Was Unfriended… I Knew I Should Have Never Gotten On Facebook, Lol




So I was ‘Unfriended’ for the first time on Facebook today, Lol

First of all let me just say, I don’t use Facebook all that much… I have a Page for “The Dark Globe”, a Page for My Novella “I Died Once”, and then just my Personal Page.

I have maybe 28 Friends on there, as I don’t really know all that many people, Lol And half of them are Relatives, ha

But I did Join this Online Dungeons & Dragons Group a few months back… Yes I know, Dungeons & Dragons, Lol

Short story short, I played in my teens for a few years, and once again in my late twenties. And here and there a bit as well.

Well, I hadn’t played in years, but I kinda sorta found myself wanting to work in a few leisure things into my social diet, as I Write a whole hell of a lot… And though I Love Writing, it’s not exactly a ‘leisure’ activity, Lol

So I wondered if people were maybe doing it over Skype or something, and so I looked online, and found a bulletin board for a game.

I joined a group, and we started to play every 2 or 3 weeks.

Well, bottom line, in between sessions there was a Facebook Page for the group, and one of the guys was kind of driving me crazy with Posts, and Updates and such… As I receive an E-mail every time he posted… And then he started to do ‘group private messages’ to the group, and well… I finally said something.

Truth be known, I had, had a couple not so good days, and so maybe I was a bit ‘edgy’, and found that this guy was driving me crazy, Lol Yah know, when I joined the group I figured, we play once in a while, and kind of keep in touch in between sessions on our Group Facebook Page… Yeah well, so… Like I say, I finally said something, and man did he get pissed… So within an hour or so, I apologized, and removed the Post… Figured, woops, didn’t mean to offend him, Lol

Well the next day I get a Private message from the guy who runs the group, who I had kind of become friends with beyond the game… And he was upset at me about it, and wanted me to get on what’s called “Team Speak”… It’s basically what we talked on during the games… Anyway, he wanted me to get on Team Speak and Apologize to the guy… Or talk to the guy… Or patch it over with the guy… And I’m like… Yah know what, I had, already had an issue with one of the other guys, so I said nah that’s alright, I’m going to go ahead and leave the group… This isn’t working out.

Well, this did not please him, Lol And the next thing I knew, he Unfriended me, Lol

Ok, Ok… So maybe getting ‘Unfriended’ isn’t a big enough reason to Post This Blog Post, but it just took me back to when I had done some Posts on here saying I was never going to use Facebook, Lol

I just know if we got together and played every 2 or 3 weeks, and didn’t do the whole Facebook Page in between sessions, everything would have been fine… But instead I had run ins with two different guys in the last month or so on that Facebook Page, that basically lead to me leaving the group, Lol

The Moral of the Story?? #@$@#@!!! Facebook!! Lol

I should have known when one of the first people I hooked up with on there was a cousin of mine who I don’t see anymore… At first she was like “You’re the only relative that actually replies to me”… And by the third day she ripped me a new A$$!! because… Because? Wow, I don’t even remember now, Lol… But it was a total misunderstanding, and suddenly I was being ripped to pieces by a cousin I don’t even see anymore, all because of the ‘obscure’ reconnections you often end up having on Facebook, with people that you used to have in your life…

Anyway, enough all of this

I would Love to hear about any Facebook Stories you might have

I hope you all have a Great Weekend!



4 Comments to “Dark Globe Editorial – Good Lord I Was Unfriended”

  1. Like you I am more tied on this blogging world, I have been unfriended,,,their loss, but i have also unfriended some myself. I use it as an extra publicity tool now… nice post and read by the way….;)

    • Yeah, I believe I finally created a Page because someone was trying to reach me on there. I too Unfriended someone yesterday, which is basically why the other guy Unfriended me, Lol And so it goes.

      Thanks Cobbie


  2. This, DJ, is one of the reasons I never joined the Facebook revolution. Why do I need the equivalent of someone sticking their tongue out at me (or worse) in cyberspace when I can have plenty of people in my real life do that to me? 😉

    Facebook just seems to complicate life exponentially, plus it turned a lot of nouns into verbs, which as someone who loves the language, I objectify to louderly. 🙂

    Blogging is as far as I’ve dared wade into the social media ocean–too many rip tides elsewhere…

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