by darkjade68


by DarkJade

For the most part, we’re all Born with some form of Potential… Whether it be Potential to Play a Sport Well… Or, Potential to be a Pretty Good Parent… Or Potential in some form of Art Form… Or Academic Pursuit.

Generally, the Question isn’t whether someone has Potential… It’s are they willing to uncover it, analyze it, and set a plan into action to tap into said Potential.

I’ll tell you right now, none of these things are easy… But for the most part, they’re Generally ‘essential’ in the activation, and pursuit of something that truly gives you satisfaction in this life.

We are not an ‘Easy’ Species… No. In fact, we are quite demanding.

Some people are born into a home where the people in their lives Inspire them, Motivate them, Encourage them. But for many of us, that is just not the case.

I for instance, was born into a very Loving environment, which was basically My Mom. Her and Dad didn’t make it together, which is fine… In fact, it’s really better that they didn’t, as I think I would have had a pretty rough upbringing if he had been around. Not that he’s not a good guy, because he is. But he sees the world about 360 Degrees different than I did when I was a kid. These days, it might be only 270 Degrees or 180 Degrees.

So yes, I had something that some people don’t, a Loving Home Life. But on the flip side, My Mom was so worried about over focusing on us, that to a large degree, she just let us do our own thing.

This was Great for My Creative Self… I really feel it helped to develop what I consider a sense of endless possibilities Creativity wise. But, she never Encouraged us to do anything with our talents (this isn’t a shot at my mom by the way, Lol), so once my 20’s came around, and I was on my own… I kind of just sunk into Corporate America for quite some time… As opposed to Going to College, or any Form of Professional Training.

But I digress…

My point is, whether you are brought up in the right kind of environment to really get you going from a young age or not, in regards to your Passions, Interests and Tapping into your Potential. That Potential still remains.

So what you need to ask yourself is, whether you’re 20 years old, or 70, are you willing to take some time and just ‘Reflect’ upon the things you might have Potential in… And if you figure out something you might want to Strive for, are you then willing to ‘Lay Out A Plan’, which basically consists of many, many steps, and/or goals.

And if you’re willing to do that, are you really, truly willing to ‘Accept’ and ‘Embrace’ Success in your life… Not necessarily monetary, though that would definitely be a useful thing. But Success, Confidence, a Sense of Accomplishment and Satisfaction in something that you felt you could, and wanted to Achieve.

It’s not as easy as you think, and let me tell you why… Because Delving into the Deep Blue Pools of Possibility, you are liable to come face to face with many of your own Inner Demons.

Demons who Love to remind you of difficult things that you’ve been through in your Life… Demons that will not Relent… And simply must be ‘Stomped’ Over… And Pummeled… And Battled.

Keep in mind, being Knocked Down isn’t a sign of Failure… It’s a Sign that you actually gave something a go.

Nuff Said

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4 Comments to “Pontential”

  1. Since blogging maybe i found mine..great read,,;)

  2. It’s so true–looking within is difficult. Most people avoid self-reflection because they are afraid of what they will find (or won’t find). I think that’s why we have a culture that is so “escapist.” Most people will do anything but sit in silence with themselves.

    Very thought-provoking post, DJ.

    • Totally agree about the “Escapist” thing… I happen to have a lot of Peace of Mind by Nature, but so many people struggle with it… I remember being 16 years old, shy, pretty miserably socially at school, and not all that happy… And then something just snapped inside me, and I thought “Fu$#@ it!” Lol

      Since then I’ve been a happier person, and just try fill my life with the People I Love, doing the things I’m Passionate about… Well, actually, at 16 I was ok with myself, at 29, is really when I started to pursue my passions.

      Thanks for your Comment Lorna


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