Farewell Dark Globe… Or At Least For Now

by darkjade68

Hey guys, I have some bad news… I’m going to go ahead and Stop “The Dark Globe” for now… I have way too many other things coming at me in My Personal Life to maintain the Level that I like it to be at.

I want to apologize to Lorna, Disperser, and Cobbie who just Joined the Site, and were Doing a Great Job

I also want to Thank All of the Contributors, Current, and Past, for all that they’ve Contributed to the Site.

Thank you also to Our Followers, I can’t Thank You Enough for all that you have also Contributed.

I don’t feel comfortable handing the reigns over to anyone, or I would.

I’m not going to take down the Site, so all of the Content We’ve Put into it is still Available.

Will I Ever Start it up again? I can’t say, only that the only way that I would is if I find that I can Pour the Same amount of Energy into it as I Always Have.

Once Again, I’m sorry to The Contributors, they are Awesome, and most of Their Personal Site Links can be Found on The Crew Page, or in the Blog Roll Below.

I’m a bit bummed about this, so This Post may not be as Colorful as most of My Posts… But I do Truly Appreciate all that you the Followers, and Contributors have meant to the Site.

Thanks Guys



22 Comments to “Farewell Dark Globe… Or At Least For Now”

  1. Poor decision but your call. Thanks for letting me help build a stage to showcase my talent.

    You know where I am.

  2. DJ, I hope the hiatus from this site, which must take an enormous amount of energy to maintain, helps to recharge your batteries and refocus you on what you need. You are one creative and awesome guy. I wish you all that is good, positive, and productive.

    When you are ready to crank this site back up, I’ll be here (if that’s any comfort to you). 🙂

  3. So shocked but its your blog and if you don’t have the time to look after it, fare enough.

    I’m thinking of closing down one of my blogs and two forums because i to have to many sites.

    I have enjoyed being here.

  4. Just do what you can when you can, it will be great when you get back, whenever you can. Do what you must and don’t let yourself down, I, too, am learning to prioritize my life in ways meaningful to my soul. Don’t feel bad, feel glad you recognize your limitations. I just read in a magazine that many online have several blogs (I have one regular, one irregular), Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and are always texting. The question was how can any of it be meaningful. Indeed. How can it. Do what is meaningful and the rest will unfold (she says as she swallows her own advice with a great gulp of crystal clear water 🙂 Best to you!

  5. hey
    i’ve not been following very long but really enjoyed the posts. i predict that dark globe will emerge from the smoldering ashes, with pete, harry and everyone else soaring back into our lives! z

  6. Sad moment not only just for you but for the Dark Globe itself, is that no one can do any future posting as from now…??

    • Hey Cobbie, I’ve decided to leave Sundays Open for our Writers to Post about whatever they’d like, but also to allow for Guest Posting… You and Lorna had just signed onto the Dark Globe, when I changed the Format… I’d like for you and Lorna to be Posters on Sundays if you’re interested… Sundays allow for any types of Writing, not just Stories, so you’re able to do your normal style of Posting… Anyway, I will resend you an Invite in case you’re interested… You wouldn’t have to Post Each Sunday, just whenever you’d like to

      Thanks Cobbie


  7. Hello James, I was wondering how you could manage so many blogs at the same time. The Dark Globe is particularly beautiful for its design and the variety of articles makes it special, then it’s important to be able to keep up with the level, and if it isn’t possible, a pause can be good. It’s better to share a few things right then disperse yourself into many pieces and then nothing makes sense anymore.
    Anyway nothing is more important than Your Life. I just hope that everything is alright with you and your family. You know where to find me 🙂
    I like what Aurora wrote “Don’t feel bad, feel glad you recognize your limitations.” I posted an article Saturday about Balance since we just entered Autumn and this season is about reflection, gratitude, meditation and above all balance 🙂 I guess you chose the perfect time!
    Take care James!
    Heloise xo

    • Balance in all things, yes… Words to live by, and I definitely try to. Mostly I need to pour my energies into some other life issues right now, and though I can still manage to maintain “The Dark Globe”, I don’t just like to Manage and Maintain something… I like to Pour My Heart into things… And just maintaining it doesn’t feel right. I could leave the site up and just let Contributors continue to Post, but without me being involved, it’s liable to slowly go away I feel… And I don’t want that. I’d rather stop it at a High Level, and if I decide to continue it later, it will be once again at a High Level. I’ve tried to make this Site not only Diverse, but Solid in it’s Presentation. More like the Running of a Newspaper, or Magazine… And I feel I, and We, have achieved that.

      The Hardest part is taking the Outlet away from The Contributors… But if I can’t Pour My Heart into the Running of it, I just don’t feel it will come across the way it always has… There’s more than just the Content involved in the Running of it. The Content makes it Bad A$$, and the Managing of it, makes it Clean.

      I’m doing alright, just got some life stuff going on, which is a good thing, right? Every Writer’s Dream is to have things go on in their life, that they can later use in some form in their Content… Right? Lol

      Thanks so much H


  8. I fully understand the decision, and while I hope the wheel of time will allow a future rebirth, be proud of what you leave standing.

    Good luck in you current and future endeavors.

  9. This was a surprising e mail I received today directing me here to an ending. I am always sad when I read things like this. It makes me wonder how did I get so emotionally connected to words. I suppose the words had great meaning for me. They connected, in some way, to something I found enjoyable. Blogs can be very time consuming. They start out as fun ways to express ourselves and become giant bags of responsibilities on our shoulders. We feel guilty. The enjoyment begins to wane.
    Find a new way to do what is best for you and the rest will fall into place.
    Good Luck … hope life brings you wonderful new joys.

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