The Dark Globe Is Now “Legends Undying”, A Writer’s Story Showcase Site

by darkjade68

The Dark Globe Is Now “Legends Undying”, A Writer’s Story Showcase Site

A week ago, I came to the very difficult decision of bringing “The Dark Globe” to a halt.

A week later, my life is still very hectic, but I very much miss being connected to other Artists.

I’ve decided that I don’t want to try to Manage a Site quite as Lofty as “The Dark Globe” had become… So I’ve Conceived a New Format, and Idea for the Site, which is a ‘Writer’s Story Showcase Site“.

Here’s how it will Work. I will be bringing on 6 other Writers to the Site, and each of them will be Given a Day out of each week… Such as Tuesday, or Monday, Etc., To Begin Posting a Story (Chapters, Segments Etc.) of their Own… This may be something that they’ve already Wrote, and would like to Share with the World… Or something Brand New, Written Specifically for this Site.

Once I’ve Determined Which Day works for each of the Writers, I Myself will take the Remaining 7th Day… On this 7th Day, I will either be Posting a Story of My Own, or Having a Guest Author Post on that day.

Once a Writer’s Story is Complete, they will either begin Posting a New Story, or I will shift a New Writer into that Day. Contributing Writers will have the Option of Generating a New Story, or Letting someone Fill in, or take over that day…

This is the Concept so Far, and My Hope is that it will Give Writers an Opportunity to Share Their Work with Our Readers, as well as Future Readers that Follow the Site.

By Design, this Site should be much, much easier to Maintain. I Loved “The Dark Globe“… It was a Huge Success, and I’m hoping all of the Contributors got as much out of it as I did. None of “The Dark Globe” Content will be Removed from the Site. We all Poured Our Hearts and Souls Into it, so Here it Shall Remain. I’ve Created a Specific Tab Up Above that Lists Many of the Categories from “The Dark Globe“.

It’s Time for a New Chapter, One that I Hope You The Readers will Enjoy, and The Contributors will be Excited about.

Thanks for Sticking with us During this Format Change… I hope that you will Enjoy the New Content.



13 Comments to “The Dark Globe Is Now “Legends Undying”, A Writer’s Story Showcase Site”

  1. Sounds like a wise plan, and everyone will do a great job! I look forward to future posts. Z

  2. This sounds okay. So there will be seven primary writers then?

  3. This sounds like fun & a great way for writers to share their inspirations. A new & fresh concept, lot of success DarkJade!

  4. DJ, This sounds manageable and like a great way for people working on manuscripts to with showcase them or get feedback on them as they work through them.

    This would have been perfect for me when I started writing my memoir stories over a year ago. Maybe when I start a new project, I’ll tap you o the shoulder. But what I do now doesn’t seem to fit into your concept.

    Good luck with this new adventure. I’m sure it will be a grand success!

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