Short Stories By Disperser

by darkjade68

Short Stories By Disperser

Have you seen this Wolf? Chances are, you probably have.

It Belongs to Disperser, the Latest Addition to our Band of Story Writers… Disperser will be Starting to Post some of his Short Stories on Mondays… And Perhaps, Longer Stories down the road.

The Original Plan was that Each of the Writers would Post Ongoing Stories, such as Books, Blog Series, Novels Etc…. A Chapter Each Week… And that is still the Goal for the Most Part… But as this is an ‘Evolving’ Site, Our Writers will on occasion Offer up a Short Story… With Disperser, Short Stories will be his Starting Point, and I Look forward to seeing his Work.

I hope all of you do too.

Meanwhile, Quill Wielder and Terrii Wachala are Off Conjuring their Upcoming Thursday, and Friday Posts, which I’m also Very Much Looking forward to Reading/Checking out

Nuff Said

Welcome Disperser…

May Your Pen Always Have Ink



2 Comments to “Short Stories By Disperser”

  1. Sounds like an exciting team! Too bad I’m way too busy already to join the group. Anyway I can’t wait to start reading 🙂

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