The Obligatory Introduction

by TByrd

Hello Gentle Reader!

I’m new to the blogging community, having only kicked off in July. Since my kick off began I’ve had little traffic, but that’s okay. I anticipated that. Never in my wildest dreams had I considered being picked up by such a well-known blog. I can’t tell you how excited and thrilled I am to be here with you all.

I started writing at a very early age and somewhere buried in a pile of papers back at my parents’ house I’m sure my first binder is collecting dust. It was a bright pink binder titled “Terrii’s Super Spooky Stories.”

There were not spooky, nor super. That much is true. As I grew I continued to write and eventually moved from binders full of loose leaf paper to composition notebooks. My most prized composition notebook I named “Hell” and I still keep it in my closet. I filled it with terrible poetry and magazine clippings.

When I went off to college, writing took a backseat to studies. I still wrote when I found the time and began a work I called “The Brautigan Files.” It was based on my life, with real stories about me. I cleverly added an imaginary friend that lived in my apartment named Richard.

Richard Brautigan is my all-time favorite author. I folded him neatly into my life in that book that still remains unfinished to this day.

Last November I successfully completed NaNoWriMo with my first finished (well, sort of) novel, titled “Kodiak Rising.” It remains unpublished, but the first two chapters are available to read on my blog here. What I wrote last November took a year to edit and is now in the beta reader phase. Last August I participated and won Camp NaNoWriMo where I wrote the second part of the story. Unfortunately half way through the month I realized I had written myself into a desperate hole that I was unable to dig out of. So, I just started over again and kept on going. I intend on trying again this November to actually re-draft Part Two. As it stands now, I believe Kodiak Rising will be a three-part novel. I am unsure if I want to publish each part as a separate novel, or put all three together into one. Because Part Three is rather nebulous in my mind at this time, I am putting off that decision for the time being.

I started Brautigan’s Girl as a way to build a fan base. I wanted to throw myself out there and see if anyone actually thought I was any good. No point in publishing a book if no one but your mother is going to bother reading it, right? Since starting that blog I have created two running stories Get Out of the City and The Vacant Game.

My next work will be specifically for this blog and will not appear on my personal blog. I am still working on the title, but it will be ready for reading this Friday.

When I am not writing I work as a Freelance Entertainment Technician. What does that mean, you ask? Well, Gentle Reader, that is a fine question and I thank you for it. I spend time backstage in several theatres in the area. My latest two projects are Kid Simple, a play about a young genius who builds a machine that amplifies sound and Three Generations of Imbeciles, a world premier about Eugenics in the 1920. What is Eugenics? Find out here.

And now that I’ve shamelessly plugged my blog and my work, I’ll let you be the judge. Come back on Friday for more.

-Terrii Wachala

Brautigan’s Girl

4 Comments to “The Obligatory Introduction”

  1. Looking Forward to it Terrii

    Welcome to “Legends Undying”


  2. Sounds like you are perfect for this blog and for DJ is trying to build with his community. Best of luck with all of your writing adventures. You can’t help but be successful hanging out with a crowd like this! 🙂

  3. I was so busy the past few weeks I totally missed the name change! I was looking at my inbox, wondering, what the heck is “Legends Undying” and when did I subscribe to that? LOL

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