Welcome Paige Addams… And Then There Were 5

by darkjade68

Welcome Paige Addams… And Then There Were 5

I’d Like to Welcome Paige Addams to our Band of Writers…

Still determining which Day Paige will Post on, and I myself will Fill Whichever Day is Left.

The Writers and Schedule so far;

Mon – Disperser (Short Stories)

Tues – Open

Weds – Open

Thurs – Quill Wielder

Fri – Terri Wachala

Sat – Open

Sun – Open

In Addition to Our Daily Writers, There will also be Openings for Fill In/Sub Writers, for times when a Day’s Main Writer is unable to Post for some reason, or when One of our Writers needs a Break between Stories.

Every Writer that Posts is Important, and if Possible, I want to make sure that We Post Something Everyday of the Week.

Thanks For Continuing to Join Us During this Site Format Change, I hope you enjoy all of the Stories that are coming, including Disperser’s First Contribution, “Blood

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening


*Twitter @LegendsUndying


5 Comments to “Welcome Paige Addams… And Then There Were 5”

  1. Paige is a wonderful writer and person! Thanks, Emily

  2. Sorry, just catching up on my backed up inbox. All news is good news! 🙂

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