Fantasy Thursdays

by quillwielder

Hey, Laura here. Some of you might already know me as I was a part of the Dark Globe from its beginnings until its end. I was sad to see the Globe go, it had been a big part of my life watching it grow and evolve. I met so many great bloggers and got to share a lot of my work. But all good things come to an end and in their wake better things sprout.

Legends Undying was born from Jade’s wonderful mind and he asked me to be a part of it and I couldn’t say no to the opportunity to work with him again as well as share my writing.

I’m a writer at heart and blogging is great but story writing is even better. I have my own writing site called Quill Wielder which has book reviews, writing advice and stuff about my life. There is also my person Author site, Laura Pfundt, for updates on my novel progress. On my Quill Wielder site I was doing a 365 day challenge to write an ongoing story every day for a year, but my novel writing got in the way. Now I have the opportunity to do something similar but one a week instead, which will suit me better.

I’m not sure what my story will be about yet. Hopefully next week I shall share with all of you my ideas and start the story the week after that. I will say now that I have recently started a new full-time job so I will try my best to keep up with my Thursday post, but things might be hectic for me for a few weeks.

Nevertheless I shall share with you a beautiful ongoing story which will mostly likely be a fantasy adventure to let my imagination run wide.

So stay tuned for Fantasy Thursdays with me, Laura.

In summary

– Basic outline of the ongoing story I will be writing about (next week)

– Start of story (week after)


2 Comments to “Fantasy Thursdays”

  1. Awesome Quill, Looking Forward to it


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