How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh?

by inkslingersagency

Enough to break the ice!
Well, now that you can see I am a comic genius (ahem) I can get on with the rest of my introduction.

Hello, my name is Rachel and I’m a alcoholic freelance writer. I have my own little blog over at Neglected Space which is unfortunately feeling very neglected at the moment whilst I try to juggle my freelancing and writing for fun. I also run the website/blog from which I am writing this, with a partner. For some reason Legends Undying didn’t want to let me post from my other blog…probably didn’t want to get outshone by its awesomeness (ahem again).

I was so happy when I saw DarkJade’s post about Legends Undying. I had been following The Dark Globe for a while, and although I never really made myself known, I was loving the content that it provided. I have always wanted to get involved in a blog like this, and Legends Undying seemed the perfect opportunity for me.

You see, I love writing fiction. In fact, I love it so much that I currently have a number of novels I am working on. My problem though, is that I write them too fast. Yes…you read that correct. I can splurge 10-15k words in a day, for a few days in a row, and then I simply run out of ideas because I’ve done it all too fast. I know that when I take things slower I am able to come up with bigger and better ideas to carry the story forward, but I tend to get so involved that I just can’t stop. I need to learn to follow Ernest Hemingway’s advice and take a break while I still have more ideas. So you see, this seems the perfect place for me right now. I will have a weekly slot to post my latest chapters, and it gives me time to run out of ideas, stress a bit, and regain ‘composure’. It also means that I can’t give up halfway or I will look like a complete idiot to the rest of you!
Anyway, I’m sure you’re all dying to see the end of my ramblings and finally find out what this story is going to be about. Well, the first thing I can tell you is that it’s going to be science fiction. I was talking to a friend recently about the TV show Falling Skies ( if you haven’t seen it…what is wrong with you?!), and he was saying how he was getting fed up of all of these shows and films about aliens invading the Earth…what would happen if it was the other way round? So that’s what my story is going to based on, and that’s where the inspiration comes from.

I promise you it won’t be ‘Pocahontas set in space’ like Avatar though.

So here’s how it will work. Each Saturday, I will be posting the latest chapter to the novel, and hopefully at the end I will be able to do an edit and produce it as an ebook. I would love for my readers to get involved as well. If there’s something you particularly like or don’t like, please tell me! The same goes for if you have any suggestions…perhaps a zany character you want to see introduced, or a ridiculous sentence you want included anywhere. The main thing is for you to read and enjoy though, which I hope that you will.

The first chapter will be up this time next week, so keep an eye out!

Until then, please feel free to check out my blog and/or follow me on Twitter @ZafiMac

Thank you, and see you soon!

5 Comments to “How Much Does A Polar Bear Weigh?”

  1. Hey now, it was a “WordPress” error that wouldn’t let you Post from your other Blog, not “Legends Undying”, Lol

    I have no clue why your other Blog wouldn’t work

    Technical Blame aside, Welcome Aboard, Lol


  2. Welcome Rachel! It’s very nice to meet you, and I look forward to reading your stories 😀

  3. Sounds like DJ did a fine job rounding up a great group of writers. Congrats on joining this crew and good luck with your novel.

    I like the polar bear joke and picture, by the way! 🙂

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